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A to Z - Y and Z posts

YA Zombie Novels
You wanna check out some great Young Adult Zombie novels? Go to …
Duh! Of course this is where I was going to go for the last day of A to Z. A mutated strain of mad cow disease has turned most humans into cannibalistic zombies within two months after the initial outbreak. Unaffected loner college student "Columbus" meets "Tallahassee" another survivor who seems driven solely by his desire to find Twinkies. Entering a local grocery store they encounter "Wichita" and her younger sister "Little Rock". As survivors of a zombie apocalypse, together they take an extended road trip across Southwestern United States in an attempt to find a sanctuary free from zombies.
Just call me “Wayne”. Is this movie worth watching? YES! Does it have everything I need in a Zombie movie? Of Course!
Yours, Mine, and Ours
High school sweethearts Frank Beardsley and Helen North are reunited when Frank and his family move back to his hometown of New London. After unexpectedly encountering each other at a restaurant while on separate dates, the pair run into each other again at their 30-year class reunion. Rekindling their old sparks, the two quickly decide to marry in a private ceremony. They are quite cognizant of the fact that Frank already has eight children from his first marriage, and Helen has ten from her first marriage (a mixture of her biological offspring and adopted children). The family moves into a new home, on the same property as the lighthouse where Frank and Helen shared their first kiss, joined by the North children's numerous pets and Frank's housekeeper, Mrs. Munion.
Yes I thought this movie was cute and made me laugh all the way through. This might be the one movie out of my movie post that is the lamest, but I still liked it.

The short films and the movie feature a dimwitted male model named Derek Zoolander, played by Stiller. The film involves Zoolander becoming a pawn in a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia by corrupt fashion executives.
Oh. Em. Gee! This movie cracked my shiz up! Ben Stiller is the best at what he does. I don’t know how the guy can keep a straight face.

Tally Youngblood

Tally is the protagonist of the books, first appearing in Uglies as a young, 15-year-old girl, waiting for her 16th birthday so that she can be turned pretty. Throughout the series, Tally undergoes significant changes physically and mentally from Ugly, to Pretty, to Special, different classes of citizen in her city. Tally is also known as Tally-wa, Tally-sama, Agent Youngblood, Sayshal, and Goddess YoungBlood throughout the series. Tally endures many changes throughout the series in both appearance and personality. Each changes according to her status as an Ugly, Pretty, or Special. Loving David then falling for Zane, then sharing her love for both.

Zoey Redbird

Sixteen-year-old Zoey Redbird lives in a world where vampyres have always existed. New vampyres, called fledglings, appear through a biologic process that takes place in some humans, the Marked, at puberty and lasts four years. At the beginning of the book, Zoey is at school when she is Marked by a Tracker. Throughout the series: Zoey loves Erik Night and human consort Heath Luck. Zoey cheats on Erik with Loren Blake. Erik breaks it off. Zoey then falls for Stark and still in contact with Heath. Zoey is also being tormented by Kalona and Neferet. Meanwhile Zoey befriends a herd of other fledglings: Stevie Rae, Erin Bates, Shaunee Cole, Damien Maslin, and Jack Twist. By the end of book 2 Zoey and her nemesis Aphrodite (who is my fav character) befriend one another. Erin and Shaunee are considered twins even tho they are far from being so. Damien and Jack are boyfriends. Aphrodite and Darius are pledged to one another. Neferet kills Heath, shattering Zoey into the afterlife. Stark has to go to the beyond and saves her.
Are you confused yet? Yeah me too and I read the books. Maybe you should too.
In the series, Voldemort is the archenemy of Harry Potter, who according to a prophecy has "the power to vanquish the Dark Lord". Almost no witch or wizard dares to speak his name, instead referring to him by epithets such as "You-Know-Who", "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" or "the Dark Lord". Voldemort's obsession with blood purity signifies his aim to rid the wizarding world of Muggle heritage and to conquer both worlds, Muggle and wizarding, to achieve pure-blood dominance. Through his mother's family, he is the last descendant of wizard Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. According to an interview with Rowling, "Voldemort" is pronounced with a silent 't' at the end, as is common in the French phrase "Vol de mort", meaning "to flee from death".

Zonko’s Joke Shop
Zonko's Joke Shop has jokes and tricks that can "fulfil even Fred and George's wildest dreams." It closes down in Half-Blood Prince. Fred and George had planned to buy the shop, but decide against it when Hogwarts' students are banned from visiting Hogsmeade due to heightened security after Voldemort's rebirth.


An immense tree that is central in Norse cosmology, on which the nine worlds existed. In Norse mythology there are "nine worlds" each joined to the other via the "World Tree" Yggdrasil. A list of these worlds can only be deduced from the limited sources given to us in the two eddas. A complete list of the nine worlds is never mentioned entirely, in either of the eddas.
A summary list of the worlds, with an example reference to where they are mentioned, either in the older Poetic or younger Prose Edda. (in no particular order) -
·         Ásgarðr, world of the Æsir
·         Vanaheimr, world of the Vanir
·         Álfheimr, world of the Álfar (Elves)
·         Miðgarðr, world of humans
·         Jötunheimr, world of the Jötnar (Giants)
·         Niðavellir, world of the Dvergar (Dwarfs)
·         Múspell, world of fire and the Fire Jötnar
·         Niflhel, world of ice and mist, into which the wicked dead are cast
·         Hel, world of the inglorious dead, located within Niflhel and ruled over by the giantess Hel
Ummm I have nothing for the letter Z in Norse Mythology so my FINAL post for the A to Z Challenge is going to be zilch, zero, zip, zippo, and any other nothing realated words that start with Z.
Until the next A to Z peeps!


  1. Haha yes, the House of Night series is extremely confusing!

  2. When I asked about Ratatosk, it was because there was a game I played that involved Yggdrasil. There was a great tree that provided mana to the entire world. However the tree died and the world had to be split in two in order for it to survive. At the end a new tree, Yggdrasil, grows and rejoins the two worlds. It is interesting how they used Yggdrasil to connect the worlds like it does in mythology.

    1. What's the name of this game?

    2. Tales of Symphonia, but Ratatosk doesn't play a role until the sequel Dawn of the New World.

  3. Zombieland is one of my favorite movies! Awesome!

    1. It's the perfect balance of scary and funny.

  4. Zombieland is the shizz! My all time favorite zombie movie.

    1. I love the rules. What other zombie movie gives you rules?!

  5. I really liked Uglies, but with each new book I liked Tally less. Which might be because of her changes. By the end I felt pretty disconnected from her. But the the story and world that he created was amazing.

    1. Oh no. I loved Tally. I do have to admit that I hated the last book becasue it wasn't from Tally's pov.

  6. I Love HON series! And though Zoey's indecisiveness gets on my nerves at times, she's one of my favs.

    1. You're Zoey, I'm Aphrodite - go!
      Sorry bad acting class humor. But seriously. I'm Aphro.

  7. Wahoooo Awesome job sweetie. Love you know who too! Ready for a break now?

    1. Awww thanks M! You did a wonderful job too. Loved what you brought us. I officially hate the alphebet now.

  8. Ooh, a new background! It's way cute! And I've loved your posts this month! Most of the time I sat here nodding like, she totally gets me, lol.


  9. I like the way that you incorporated the Y and Z into your last post. Great work!! I have learned do much throughout the A to z on your blog.

    You have given me SO MANY new books to my TBR pile. So lucky to follow your blog.

  10. I'm going to have to see this Zombieland.

    Thanks so much for your awesome posts! Had a great time :)

  11. I've still got to see Zombieland. My favorite zombie movie is the original Night of the Living Dead. So much done with such a small budget--a classic.

    Congratulations on making it through the A to Z Challenge. Join us on May 7th with your Challenge Reflections post.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  12. I love the House of Night series, Aphrodite is also my favourite, I love that she always speaks her mind!


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