Sunday, April 22, 2012

A to Z - Survival, Supplies, and Strategy

Yesterday I was supposed to post my Saturday A to Z for the letter S… well I’m doing it today cause … well … er … it’s my prerogative.
Yesterday was a busy day anyways. I was online Scrapbooking to get some Mother’s Day items done; two Scrapbooks for my mom and a book and picture mug for my mother-in-law - who drinks so much black coffee that she spends most of her mornings in the bathroom. And how do I know this? We work together. I also workwith my hubby, cousin, and my husbands cousin’s wife. The business we work for is a very family oriented place. Which makes the gossiping quite tricky. Lol.
Anywho, today I am again going to follow in Friday’s post and go against the grain and not focus on my original post for the five topthings I like about zombies, movies/tv, books, HP, and Norse mythology. Instead I’m going to babble on about what I think about everyday… Survival, Supplies, and Strategy. Of course there are also Situations, Suggestions, and Society.

I have a very disturbed mind as my kids say. Let’s just say that I am ALWAYS thinking about a way out.

Driving down highways, back roads, in the country, I think about what would I do if a horde of undead came sweeping the landscape. No really, I do. I literally imagine  - one by one, undead emerging from the woods, behind houses, etc. Slowly or maybe even somewhat fast; making their way towards the highway, to neighboring houses, into schools. SCHOOLS! My kids, my family! What would I do? What would be the best thing for my family? I would most definitely go back for my kids (if they were at school or even home). The ideal Scenario - for a social breakdown would be to happen while everyone in your family was at home. And the first thing to do would to be putting your Survival plans into motion.

1.)   Make your house Secure. Most people’s reaction would be to flee for a Safe haven. A military base, police station, etc. Don’t do it. In case you haven’t learned anything from watching the millions of undead movies or tv shows, zombies swarm to places when you have so many survivors in one place. Again, make your home as safe as possible. Secure all exits. Latch your garage door. Board up exit doors with shelves in your closets, leaving the door knob exposed. Then use a chair to jam against the knob for extra measure. Next, if you have a sliding glass door; remove interior doors and use them to board up that large, unfortunate, passageway. Lastly, cover all lower level windows with any remaining doors, shelves, or furniture.

2.)   Try to get as much info as possible. News, internet, any type of Social media. You need to find out what started the breakdown in the first place. Is it air born? Was it in infected food? Is it in the water? Animals? Etc… Try to find a HAM radio or CB.You want to have an outlet to find that one person(s) that can help in a time of need. But be careful... you may find that one that won't help. What I call the pilferer. Granted you will have to do some pilfering yourself, but only from the dead - I mean the really dead.

3.)   Stock up on water. Even if you haven’t found out what started the whole thing, you can always boil the water. If fact, you should ALWAYS boil your water in this type of Situation. Before contaminates start seeping into the local water supply; run as much water into the tubs, sinks, bowls, glasses, etc. The one thing you don’t want to become is dehydrated. Well that and dead.

4.)   Food. Period. You are going to want to eat your perishables first. Everything in your fridge (not freezer) gets eaten first. Next is the pantry; perishables such as cookies, bread, chips, snacks but not chocolate. Chocolate is one of those things that can last forever. Really! You are going to want to save the chocolate for last resort. Then move onto your freezer items. Yes they are frozen but even frozen things cannot last forever. Who knows how long the power will last? And lastly, go back tothe pantry for the boxed and canned items. Most boxed items need water so make sure to Save enough water for those things. Hopefully nothing has come along and forced you out of your home.

5.)   Make sure to have weapons Stashed throughout your home. Knifes, bats, guns, anything can make a weapon.  Trust me, if I was pushed to my limits, my daughters Little People school bus will be a weapon.

6.)   Plan an escape route. My son asked me the other day, “Why do you pull up so close to the house?” I explained it was my way of having an escape route. “What happens if there is a fire downstairs and the stairway is blocked? It is so we can climb on to the garage roof and jump down to the van. It will a lot safer then falling all the way down to the ground.” He gives a smile and says “Smart mom. You think of everything.” Little does he know it’s my escape route in case my house gets invaded by flesh eating monsters and I need a fast exit. Hehe And all you people want to park your cars in the garage.

7.)   Have a Supply kit packed and stashed by your exit of choice. In the bag should be weapons, chocolate and canned goods, something to open the canned goods, bottled water, something to make fire, first-aid kit, compass, flashlight (only use for extreme measures), and anything else you might deem necessary. If you have Six people to care for; make sure that each person in the group has their own Survival gear. God forbid you get split up, but if so, you want everyone to have what they need to Survive. Incase of a split-up, give each person a whistle. That way, when you hear it, you know which direction they are in. Only use in extreme cases and be fast about it. Don't stand there blowing on a whistle for an hour.

8.)   String and bells. If you do have to leave your home you are going to want something that will alert you of intruders. Set up camp, preferably on high ground with treacherous paths. Use the string to set your perimeter and hang bells from it. Don’t be too loud with the bells, you could attract unwanted visitors. Make sure the string is low to the ground in case the intruders are crawling. Plus string is a good to use for a snare. Eating game is high in protein and calories. You are going to want as many calories as possible; you never know when you will be running your arses off to get away.
Hopefully my little check off list helps and May It Ever Be In Your Favor.

Just a little insight on how much I think about this stuff… We recently moved to tiny little Sub-division which has a ton of kids. Pulling out of the driveway I say to my kids, “Dang there’s a lot of kids here.” My oldest says, “Yeah so.” I say, “That’s a lot of kids I’m gonna have to Shoot during a zombie apocalypse.” All of my kids yell, “MOM! That’s terrible.” “Yes but true,” I reply.

WHAT! Don’t look at me like that. I’m kidding. Well maybe, if they were zombies then I’m not kidding.


  1. Very important S's. Nice to see you're so family oriented.

  2. Love your list! But of course I would because you and I have warped, but always-thinking-ahead type of minds. :D

  3. You are kind of like my wife. Always thinking ahead and for those what if this happens moments. What a great job on your list.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I'm emailing this to my husband! :D

  5. I think it's definitely a good idea to have a survival plan in place. As we all know, the zombie apocalypse is right around the corner.


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