Friday, December 20, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

Every week some us like to share the small things that we have accomplished. Thanks Viklit for giving us an outlet!

My shopping is DONE! WOOT!

Today we are doing a small gift exchange at work and I'm super excited to about one gift that I got someone. Earlier this year I overheard them talking about how much they love Cherished Teddies. And I know they love Angels and their favorite color is blue. So I found a Christmas, Cherished Teddy, Angel in and blue gown. So perfect!

Last night I had the BEST time painting at my in-laws new Painting With A Twist with, who else, Jackie and her son Riley.

Tonight I get to go again and doing another winter tree but this looks like this...

I will be off from work for the next 12 days!! Blogging will be minimal. Have the best Holidays EVER!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Express Yourself - Get-Together Dish

Express Yourself is a weekly Meme dedicated to getting to know YOU better.

Jackie and myself what to know:

When you attend a get-together, what are you likely to bring as a dish to share?

I usually bring Broccoli Casserole or 7 Layer Salad which usually has more than 7 layers.

Broccoli Casserole

A jumbo bag or broccoli florets or 3 16oz bags
1 block of Velveeta cheese (large)
16 oz cottage cheese
1 tbl sp of flour

Mix all ingredients and pour into crock pot. Let it cook in crock pot for 3-4 hours depending on consistency and how tender the broccoli is. Most of the cottage cheese should be melted but some of my family likes it not to be. It depends on your liking.

7 Layer Salad

My layers from the bottom up...
Mayo or Miracle Whip
Ranch Powder

Sometimes I add a layer of Shredded Cheese to give it a pop of color. I also use the pre-cooked bacon. It's faster and easier.

Hope you guys have some great Holidays!! And enjoy the food!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Celebrate The Small Things

Every week some us like to share the small things that we have accomplished. Thanks Viklit for giving us an outlet!

The kids got to hang out with cousins and make Christmas crafts and had a really great time.

My daughter had a school dance and had her moldings done for her permanent retainers. She'll be braces free next month. Just in time for her birthday!

Almost done with my Christmas shopping. I only have to get a few giftcards and I'm done!

Last night my son lost his iPhone. We searched high and low. I told him that he might have left it on the bus and he argued and said I was wrong. This morning I told him to ask the bus driver for shits n giggles... low and behold, I get a text from him saying the driver had it. Score for me! Mom does know what she's talking about!! Let's hope when he starts driving in a few months he will listen to me then as well.

Tomorrow, after it snows 3-5 inches tonight, I have a 4 mile race in the morning. I'm not excited about running in snow. Ugh!

And on Sunday I'm going to watch the second installment of The Hobbit with a friend! So EXCITED!!

Have a great Friday!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Express Yourself - Events etc.

Express Yourself is a weekly Meme dedicated to getting to know YOU better.

Jackie and myself what to know:

List something(s) you always look forward to this time of year.

One thing already happened... Work Christmas party. What a blast! 

Myself and Jackie! It looks like I have an idea! Or a halo according to Jax.

Snuggling on the couch and watching Christmas themed shows and movies. That's one of my all-time things to do during this time of year. Last night we watched Curious George xmas themed special and Mickey Mouse's Once Upon A Carol.

And of course... hanging out with family and friends. Everyone just seems to be in such a festive mood!

What are some things you enjoy doing this time of year.

Have an amazing Monday!

Friday, December 6, 2013

EYM, Celebrate, Dream Dream Destination

Express Yourself is a weekly Meme dedicated to getting to know YOU better.

Jackie and myself what to know:

What holiday film(s) do you plan on viewing this season?
A Christmas Story - Mandatory
How the Grinch Stole Chrismas - with Jim Carrey
A Charlie Brown Christmas - Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas w/out it.

Every week some us like to share the small things that we have accomplished. Thanks Viklit for giving us an outlet!

God answered a prayer last night and at the perfect time. I gave it to Him after I tried and tried and He came through like always. Two thumbs up to the Big Guy! Christmas will be even more wonderful!

Our work Christmas party is tomorrow and I'm super excited! Bonus: I get to spend it with Jackie over @ Bouquet of Books because my cousin (her husband), my husband, and myself all work there! Casino Night!!
My oldest son had Chemo injected into his fingers to help kill his "aggressive" warts. They are hoping that the Chemo will not only kill them off but also jumpstart his ammune system to start fighting the virus on it's own.

Thanks to Lexa and Julie for throwing such a great Bloghop when it's so cold out!

My Dream Destination would have to be Australia or New Zealand. I have always wanted to go there. I heard the travelling part is long and sucks (this is the part of the travelling where I would medicate myself) but I would do it so I could experience the beauty of the country. My husband said he would never go to the Outback... who ever said I had to take him.

My second runner up for DD... I would LOVE to visit Easter Island. There is something about that place that I find fascinating and magical.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

IWSG - Words

It's Insecure Writer's Support Group day. This happens every first Wednesday of each month, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh!!!

So I was sitting around last night trying to figure out what I was going to say today. All I could think about was how badly my knees hurt and legs throbbed. I ran most of the 3.52 miles I accomplished and was in a tad bit of pain. Tylenol, where’s the Tylenol? And then I got to saying Tylenol so much that it started sounding absolutely ridiculous! You know how that works; you repeat a word over and over until you get to the point of slowly saying it, drawing out each vowel and syllable.  By the time you’re done with your little escapade, you have completely ruined the word till you no longer recognize it.
And that led me to saying a few more absurd words and then this led me to thinking about words in general. And the dialogue that takes place all around me.
Words can hurt. They can comfort. They bully. Manipulate. Strengthen. Sooth. Make you feel loved. Sometimes hated. Encouraged.  Empowered. Smart. Stupid. Sometimes a conversation needs to be dumbed-down. Sometimes we need a translator. We can regret them. Take them back. Apologize for them. They start arguments. Start wars. Bring peace. Make someone smile. Or cry. And often make us laugh. They can be politically correct. Opinionated. Ignorant.
Strange to think that such tiny things can do so much and make a great writing piece, poem, novel, etc. Words are pretty powerful. 26 letters really makes some fascinating things happen, don't you think?!
Fascinating… yeah it sounds bizarre now!
Have a great Wednesday and tomorrow starts the Dream Destination Blog-Hop. Click on the links below if you are interesting in joining in on the fun! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things - Monday Edition

I didn't post on Friday cause we had a busy day/break. So I'm posting a Monday edition. Thanks Viklit for giving us an outlet!
Well lets get started...

Had Thanksgiving at my in-laws. Which was good and relaxing. I even took a cat nap on the couch while listening to football.

Did some Black Friday shopping on Thankgiving night and Friday! Now, I'm almost done with my shopping. Yahoo!
Saturday the family went to the Festival of Trees and saw some amazing creations! My oldest daughter isn't in any of these because she was being "moody" and wanted nothing to do with it. lol. Teenagers, UGH!

Local sport team trees

Loved this Mardi Gras trees

This one is my fav! Movie/film tree

Me and my 2 sons by the Movie tree

Ky and Santa

Pirate tree. The pirate told a story that went with the pictures on the tree.

Lani wanted nothing to do with Santa.
And Sunday we laid around and did nothing! Just like I wanted.

Hope you all had a nice weekend/Thankgiving.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why Not Wednesday - 10 Things I'm Thankful For, Plus 10 More

The important people/things
  1. Soulmate - husband
  2. Offspring
  3. Parental Units
  4. Soultwin - everyone knows who she is! ;)
  5. Job Security
  6. Loyal friends (real & virtual)
  7. The time I had with my brother
  8. Memories
  9. Extended family and in-laws
  10. The ability to maintain the life I like to live
Now the fun stuff...
  1. Sweatshirts and jeans
  2. The ability to read - I like books
  3. Pajama pants - oh so comfy
  4. Fleece blankets - I swipe my kids' all the time
  5. Lake cottage - make summer time enjoyable
  6. Hot meals - because not everyone gets them
  7. Epic movies
  8. My favorite TV shows
  9. Good conversation - I can't fake it when I'm not interested (sorry)
  10. Snuggling with my kids - I have their blankets so they have to snuggle with me
Hope everyone has a great time off of work (if you get the time off) and if not, I hope you have a great time regardless. Happy Hanukkah for those who celebrate and Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate (I'm craving some pumpkin pie!). And Happy Thanksukkah if you do both! And if you do none... well that's cool too, just have a happy week/weekend!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Express Yourselves all Around

Express Yourself is a weekly Meme dedicated to getting to know YOU better.

Jackie and myself what to know:

Who is someone you look up to? Even though he has been gone for 11 years, I still look up to the love my brother left behind. He left behind a community of people that loved him more than one man could ask for and that's because he loved people so much in return. And I look up to him for that.

I also look up to Jackie. She has never judged me even when I have done some stupid stuff. She has always been my steadfast, loyal friend.

And my kids. They show me everyday that great kids can still be born and raised. I love them with all of my heart. And of course I love my husband for helping me in life.

See who else is expressing themselves lately...

Father Dragon is honoring some of us with the Golden Scale Award...
and he even has a Dragon Hall of Fame!

Mina is also Giving Bloggy Thanks to some of her Bloggy friends today! 
 They smell heavenly Mina! Thanks!

Please go check out these amazing blogging friends! And have an awesome Monday and of course a relaxing Thanksgiving you are celebrating and if not, have a grand week anyways!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

Friday means a lot of things; the end of my work week, the day I can where a casual shirt to work (Jean's Day!!), and the day I get to share all the cool stuff I've done this week. Thanks Viklit for giving us an outlet!
Well lets get started...

  • Had an awesome family portrait session!
  • Made it through the anniversary of my brother becoming an angel 11 years ago, yesterday. This is celebration in and of itself. I have some really wonderful people in my life that gives me and my family tons of support!
  • My in-laws have a new business which is opening to the public soon... Painting With a Twist. I have officially reserved the Party Room for my birthday (in Jan)!! You are all invited! LOL!!
Have an amazing Friday and weekend!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Express Yourself - Purse/Wallet Contents

Express Yourself is a weekly Meme dedicated to getting to know YOU better.

Jackie and myself what to know:

What do you carry around in your purse or wallet?

I was unable to attach the pictures I took with the contents of my purse because my camera on my phone is being a complete b!tch about it. Soooo... I will explain what I have and attach online pictures (all of which are from the company websites).

1. My purse is a Cross-the-body 31 purse. Color classic gray.
2. My wallet is a Vera Bradley coin purse...
3. I carry around two sets of keys. This way I can start my Jeep to warm it up on cold mornings and still be able to lock my front door.

4. Work badge, Checkbook, Bath & Body Twilight Woods lotion and VanillaMint lip shine, Maybelline concealer, Asthma meds, 3 pens, and Post-its, bandaids, Tylenol, and Cough Drops fill my purse.

5. And last but not least... my Cell Phone, case and all.

There you have it... my purse in a post. And if you'd like to join our Meme, click here!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

Friday means a lot of things; the end of my work week, the day I can where a casual shirt to work (today I'm in all black except for some really colorful socks), and the day I get to share all the cool stuff I've done this week. Thanks Viklit for giving us an outlet!
Well lets get started...
  • I did something a little outside of my comfort zone... BackStory: My older two's father walked out on us when my children were very very young, although I have always allowed them to have a relationship with the rest of the family. He has been married twice since then and has 3 other daughters between the two. Long story short... I was asked if all the grandkids (18 all together) on that side of family could have their picture taken together as a Christmas present to their grandparents. This means my two would be meeting their other siblings for the first time. (Now ranging 12, 2, and 5 months) Although my kids didn't want anything to do with it, I talked them into it and they walked away with a very great meeting and experience. They also met a step-brother. However, they still haven't met their biological dad. They don't want to. I try to encourage it but they are 15 and 13 and are very adamant they already have a dad and meeting their bio dad won't make a difference to them. But on a bonus side, they really like the lady who would be their step-mom if that's the relationship they wanted with her. She is really cool, my kind of chick and I think my kids can relate to her because they say she reminds them of me. This is just the beginning... let's see where this chapter in our lives takes us.
  • Every October a holiday warehouse opens up in the town where I live. Everything in the store is $1.59 unless marked otherwise. Yesterday I did some shopping for stocking stuffers and whatnot. I walked away with a few childrens books, plus Feed by M.T. Anderson(2002) (which has a character named "Link" after Lincoln which reminds me of Beautiful Creatures(2009). And I also picked up some cooking books and another book about food and cultures (my son loves to cook). And another book about the beautiful places all over the world and The Mystery of the Fool and the Vanisher by David Ellwand. All of these books were $1.59! I was so excited. Plus I got a ton of other "crap"; coloring books, ornaments, games, earbuds, iPod/iPhone holders, hats/gloves, etc.
  • Family pictures are tomorrow. I'm so excited. The last time was had a pro family picture taken was 3 years ago.
  • YAY!! Work decided to make every Friday "Jeans Day". This makes me very very happy!

Hope you guys have an awesome and relaxing Friday and weekend.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Express Yourself - Top 5 TV Shows, 7 Deadly Sins

What a lovely start to a new work week... I guess. I mean I HAVE to be here right?

To for EYM lets talk about TV Shows.

Jackie and I would like to know: What are the top 5 TV Shows you are currently watching lately?

Not of all time but right now.

  1. American Horror Story: Coven
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. Dracula
  4. Sleepy Hollow
  5. Witches of East End
These above are the ones that are on TV RIGHT NOW. However, I am anticipating the final season of True Blood, and the upcoming new show, Almost Human.

Now, lets have a little fun shall we. I present the SEVEN DEADLY SINS...

Seven great things in your life:
1. My husband
2. Son #1
3. Daughter #1
4. Son #2
5. Daughter #2
6. Job security
7. Health

Seven things you lack and covet:
1. To finish my Criminal Justice degree
2. A closet that would pick out my clothes for me.
3. An awesome wardrobe.
4. My novel published.
5. A Gran Torino
6. An endless gas card
7. To be a paid blogger – but still blog about thing I want to blog about

Seven things that make you angry:
1. Ignorance – this covers a wide range from racism, respecting someone else, bullying, harassment, etc.
2. A-hole drivers – sometimes this includes me
3. The disregard for human life
4. Self-image in society
5. How much entertainers and athletes are paid! It’s ridiculous!!
6. Famine
7. That I don’t own my own island. Grrrr

Seven things that you neglect to do:
1. Laundry – I forget it’s in the washer so I have to wash it again. Or dry it cause I’m too lazy to fold it.
2. Reply back to emails and texts
3. Sweep the floors
4. Visit my family often
5. Dinner on a daily basis, however the kids like “fend for yourself” nights
6. Things I said I would do in a timely manner
7. Take care of my body better

Seven worldly material desires:
1. A zombie proof mansion
2. Again… my own island that houses my mansion
3. A Yacht to get back and forth from said island
4. Lots of clothes and shoes for everyone in my family
5. Survival gear including hunting gear – for any social fallout (lol)
6. And of course lots of money… because all of the above cannot pay for itself
7. Did I mention fully stocked supplies to last for years?

Seven guilty pleasures:
1. A really great intimate moment – the kind that takes your breath away
2. Internet
3. Horror films
4. Being lazy – sometimes I could watch paint dry - seriously
5. Mountain Dew or a really great Pumpkin Spice Latte
6. Reading
7. Watching TV

Seven things you love about love:
1. Having those moments you remember why you fell in love in the first place
2. When you catch them staring at you
3. The security you can only feel with that someone special
4. Little gestures; hold hands, playing with hair, caress cheek, smack fanny (lol), etc
5. When you can smother them to death with kisses and they put up with it when they are watching football (hehe)
6. Knowing someone always has your back
7. When something happens to you in which you should be mad but you’re not, however, they are because they know you are hurting so they feel protective. (My husband does that a lot. It’s cute.)

Seven bloggers I'm dying to know their answers to the Seven Sins survey...

SK Anthony

Have a great Monday!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

Friday means a lot of things; the end of my work week, the day I can where a casual shirt to work (today I'm in all black except for some really colorful socks), and the day I get to share all the cool stuff I've done this week. Thanks Viklit for giving us an outlet!

A lot has happened at Entertaining Interests this week...

  • Walking Dead  isn't disappointing with all the surprises and the WTF's this season. #TeamCarol
  • Dracula  is becoming a new favorite of mine even if "the Impaler" isn't as wicked as Bram (or history) made him out to be. I like this more romantic side of him.
  • Sleepy Hollow is a charming show that gets more interesting each week.
  • AHS:Coven has got me wishing I had a few powers of my own. I don't want to be THE Supreme mind you but to have some of those powers would be awesome! My top pick would be Queenie's. I would love to be a human pin-cushion that deflects on to others.

  • Woke my kids up this morning only to be reminded they didn't have school today. Imma a-hole.

Hope you guys have a great Friday and most wonderful weekend! Enjoy some TV or maybe a movie (I'm dying to see Thor) and some family time of course!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Resurrection Blogfest II

Today is the Resurrection Blogfest II hosted by Mina Lobo over at Some Dark Romantic.

I really like this fest because it gives me chance to flaunt a previous post w/o looking braggy.

Back in July I posted about blogging friends for IWSG. I had a lot of comments and feed back and I really appreciated the love and response. So today I'm going to share that post with you.

Originally posted July 3 of this year here.


IWSG is brought to us by our local blogging friend Alex. Its a month meme that brings us insecure folks together and gives us a chance to let our freak flags fly and air out the smells of insecurity.

My insecurity I want to talk about this month is...

Are we friends?

That is the question I’m asking you. (The only blogger I don't worry about is Jackie. She's a part of both worlds!)

I follow tons of blogs I read weekly and maybe half of those I read daily. And a few dozen, I mention daily and a couple dozen I call friends.
Let’s see if I can explain this as fluently as possible… I try not to throw the term “friends” around lightly in my everyday life (I have my reasons) but in the blogging world it seems kind of “weird” to use the term friends to those who do not blog. Just like talking to non-writers about writing.

But I DO consider you friends. There I said.

And those outside of the blogging biosphere think I’m crazy calling for you friends. “Oh, you mean your virtual blogging folks?” *pursed face*

See, to them, you guys are SIMS characters or something similar. Like, I turn my computer on, play with you, turn my computer off, and it ends there. But it doesn’t. I take what I’ve read and think about it/you throughout my day(s).

     In a convo about movies I say, “My friend Suzi saw that! She said it was really good!”

     When talking about Juicing with a couple I know. They said they threw away their left over pulp. I shared with them what they could do with it from Mark's and Jackie's posts. “Oh my friend has this great page for this type of stuff!”

     I will share a funny post from Mina or a funny convo from Facebook we had.

     “Oh my gosh! My friend Jaybird posted the funniest thing about being at the store and…”

     “Sheena-kay likes skirts over… and she lives in Jamaica so she knows all about hot weather and clothes, I'm sure.”

     “DL is your age mom and he…”

     “Lexa doesn’t wear dresses anymore cause she used to work…”

     “Laura is so lucky, she is going on holiday to Spain and…” (My mistake was using the word holiday. I used it cause that's the word Laura used. Here we say vacation. But where I work, I'm used to talking to our sister-company in Ireland and they say holiday all the time. So for me it's not a big deal.)

     “Morgan totally agrees and anyone who calls me cool knows…” (I've only used this line once and it was to win my arguement against the Hubby.)

     “Bushman says to grow tomatoes in their own greenhouse you need too…”

I can’t help it, you guys just come up in my conversations. You are more a part of my everyday life then most of the people I hang out with. I “see” you more – almost every day.

But most conversations tend to lead to:

"Her/his name is Jaybird/Bushman?" *sigh*

"How do you know someone in Jamaica/Egypt/Germany/England/Hawaii/Australia?" *sigh*

"You know someone married to a Gold Medalist?!" *sigh*

"Wow, so you know someone who has a book out there?" *sigh*

And my answer usually begins, "Well technically I don't KNOW them, know them..." My point here is, they missed the info I was giving them and concentrated on the silly stuff.

And I know even more about you than I do people I work with or hang out with. Not necessarily linked to the people above…
  • I know that someone’s son shares his name with a president.
  • Someone’s son is on a trip in another country.
  • Another has three daughters all starting with F’s and wants a pant-less summer.
  • Another has 4 “ankle biters”.
  • Some don’t want kids. Some do but it hasn’t happened yet. Some can’t.
  • He has two dogs, chickens, a duck, and endless amount of yard work but also works 10hr days.
  • She lives in Germany but would love to move back to the states and start a ranch!
  • He takes care of his loving wife and still has enough time for his blogging community and his wife loves to help him.
  • Even dragon’s, who are tough as nails, get sick and need a community to lean on. 
The list can go on and on.

So my question is: Are we friends? Should I be insecure about calling you friends like I’m insecure about my writing? Or should I just ignore my “non-virtual”friends and family critics and continue calling you my friends?

So what I'm really asking is, do I need a life; cause I really feel like I have one. I just like to talk about you.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

IWSG - Inspirational Posters

It's Insecure Writer's Support Group day. This happens every first Wednesday of each month, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh!!!

IWSG is THE place to get whatever is bugging us or helping us along in our writing endeavors off our chests. It's an awesome group! And you can count on everybody being very supportive.

You can also check out the IWSG website HERE that has loads of helpful info.

Today my post is strictly inspirational posters. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Express Yourself - School Subjects

Well it's Tuesday, Nov the 5th and my calendar says it's Election Day but in my little world it's Express Yourself Meme day!! Whoot!

Jackie and I are back from our little Spooktoberfest break to bring you four more weeks of EYM questions and to gain some blogger insider knowleadge for you.

This week: What was your favorite subject in high school and/or college?

I liked several subjects but the one I would say I loved the most... Mythology. I loved anything that had to do with mythology. Greek, Norse, Roman, Celtic, etc. Gods, supernatural heroes and humans, creatures, and the tales that went along with them brought me great joy. Plus the teacher who taught it was super hot and I swear he had supernatural powers himself. He was cut like a God himself. *dreamy*

I also LOVED photography class. I've always been a picture fanatic. I adore a great pic.