Thursday, July 17, 2014

EYM: Grade School Memories

July 14-18: What is a favorite grade school memory?
One of my favorite memories was the bicentennial of the United States. I remember we had to bring 200 of the same items to school. I brought 200 pennies. And then we made a collage out of what we brought using pictures we found in magazines that had to do with the growth of our nation in the 200 year span; technology, cities, currency, buildings, etc etc.

It is one of my favorite memories cause I won first place in my grade for the girls!! Go me!!

Plus... I rocked the 80's hair style!! No, unfortunately I don't have a pic...

What's your favorite grade school memory?!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

EYM - Beloved Toys & WIP

June 30 – July 4: Did you have a beloved toy growing up? What was it?
I had lots of toys I absolutely adored growing up. But I think my most beloved of them all… my Cheer Bear Care Bear. Between my brother and I, I think we have a totally of 10 different bears when we were younger. And I’m happy to say, my mom saved them, and now my kids have them – tattered and all. They are as loved by my kids, just as they were by my brother and me.
July 7-11: In your WIP, what is the last line on pg. 42? Not a writer, then use a book of your liking.
From my WIP: Valhalla
** I sat there a moment, feeling the endorphins spread in my veins.

Top Ten Tuesday - July Challenges

Top Ten Challenges for the Month of July…
1.       Work on my WIP. It hasn’t been touched since 2012.
2.       Make it through the month without hurting someone… this includes myself. I’m accident prone.
3.       Don’t die of excitement before my vacation.
4.      Enjoy every minute of my vacation even though I will miss the kids immensely.
5.       Don’t hurt any in-laws while on vacation.
6.      Go to the movies!
7.       Hangout with my soultwin AT LEAST one more time if not two. We are both so damn busy!
8.      Be more accountable with foods I put in my pie-hole.
9.      Take the kids to the zoo – we do have a season pass for crying out loud!
10.    Blog more!