Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Book Life Tag - Ten Books I'd Incorporate Into My Life

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday's are usually my Top Ten day but this weeks list is...

September 30: Reader suggested --> Top Ten Books That Were Hard For Me To Read (because difficult of book, subject matter, because it was cringeworthy-- however you want to interpret)

I just can't think of 10 novels I have had a hard time reading. Maybe two or three but nowhere close to ten. So instead I am opting to do a different "challenge" of sorts.

Book Life Tag. If I tag you, I will let you know (likely through Twitter). Don’t forget to link back to me so I can see your answers! Even if you weren’t tagged, feel free to participate. via XpressoReads

Who would be your father?
Zach’s dad from Doll Bones by Holly Black. You don’t hear much from him until the end of the book. What he says is so important and says a lot about his character.

Who would be your mother?

Lynn’s mother in Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis. She knows what it takes to survive and sacrifice.

Who would be your sister?
Sophronia from Gail Carrigers’ Finishing School series. Who wouldn’t want a super spy sister on their side!

Who would be your brother?

Cas Lowood from Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. Having a brother who could destroy murderous dead souls and send them to the next world would be amazing!

Who would be your pet?
A Daemon from The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. Mine would be an owl I think.

Where would you live?
The world of the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld

Where would you go to school?
Hogwarts in Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

What would be your fictional job?
I would want Karou’s job in the Daughter of Smoke and Bones series, resurrecting dead chimaera.

Who would be your best friend?
Aphrodite from the House of Night series by the Casts.

Who would be your significant other?
Morpheus, the moth man in A.G. Howards Splintered series

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Monday, September 29, 2014

EYM - Autumn

Hosted by myself and Jackie @ Bouquet of Books!

Sept. 29 - Oct. 3: Name ONE thing you love about Autumn, even if you hate it!

I pretty much love everything about Autumn and I mean everything! But the one thing I absolutely adore is...


And with the cooler weather brings changing leaves and warmer clothes. Jeans and sweatshirts... ok, mainly sweatshirts! And thus, the bonfires!

But we all know it also brings my favorite holiday... Halloween!

Oh! And my wedding anniversary and my youngest birthday (She will be 5 in a week).

Ok, so what's your favorite thing about Autumn?

Friday, September 26, 2014

3rd Annual Spooktoberfest Hosted by Cover Girls

Are you feeling spookerific?

It’s baaaaack! 

Welcome to the 3rd annual  SPOOKTOBERFEST hosted by Cover Girls!

This year we are doing a bit of a rewind and using the original Spooktoberfest requirements.


1. Follow Cover Girls blog if you don’t already. It will be reciprocated!
          And on Twitter: @covergirlsdj
You can also follow our individual accounts: @jackiefel & @danibertrand
If you have a Twitter account, please feel free to use the hashtag #spooktoberfest14

2. Your Flash Fiction piece cannot be any longer than 300 words. Sorry… that’s part of the challenge.

3. You must use the MANDATORY 5 words listed below…
      (You may use any variation of these words as you like.)


4. Post your Flash Fiction piece any day from Friday Oct 24th thru Tuesday, Oct. 28th.

5. It’s a blog hop, so… hop around to other participating blogs and leave them some awesome comments.

6. Have fun.

Your flash fiction piece can be scary, comical, romantic, or whatever you choose, just be creative! You can use pictures to set the scene and/or a song to set the mood.

The winners will be posted on HALLOWEEN, Oct. 31st!

Jackie and I will each choose a winner. That’s right – two winners!


PRIZES: This year I will be giving away a $25 giftcard of your choice! Check out Jackie's page to see what she's giving away!


Oh, and yes, this blogfest is international. So what are you ghouls waiting for? Sign up using the Linkie Thing below and please, help spread the word!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Follow Fest - A Little Bit About Moi

Follow Fest is hosted by Melissa Maygrove!

Name: Dani Bertrand
Fiction or nonfiction?
What genres do you write?
Paranormal, Fantasy
Are you published?
Not yet; I have taken a break from writing until my muse decides to visit again. However, I still jot down ideas which inspire me for later.

Do you do anything in addition to writing?
I co-blog over at Cover Girls

Tell us a little about yourself.
Check out my About Me section, that will give you a good idea. I enjoy running/obstacle 5k challenges, post-apocalyptic topics, reading, watching movies, listening to music, crafting, Halloween, & the outdoors. I'm a wife and a mother of 4. FYI, High-Schoolers are drama!

What are you reading right now?
In The End by Demitria Lunetta

Which authors influenced you the most?

Where can people connect with you?
Co-Blog: Cover Girls
Twitter: @danibertrand
Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
**Currently my co-blogger and I are hosting a Walking Dead inspired blogfest you can find here in the Zombie Apocalypse:Survival Kit & Crew tab!
**Also, coming this Friday, a post about the 3rd Annual Spooktoberfest, hosted by Cover Girls, will be posted!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Autumn TBR

Top 10 Tuesday is a post hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week's topic is...

September 23: Top Ten Books on My Fall To-Be-Read list:

1. Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor
2. In a Handful of Dust by Mindy McGinnis
3. The Bodies We Wear by Jeyn Roberts
4. The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness
5. Survival Colony 9 by Joshua Bellin
6. Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper
7. The Fall by Bethany Griffin
8. The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place by Julie Berry
9. Waistcoats& Weaponry by Gail Carriger
10. Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Monday, September 22, 2014

EYM, Underrated Treasures Blogfest, ZA:SKC Blogfest

Express Yourself

Sept. 22-26: What did you want to be when you grew up?
For the longest time I wanted to be a Vet Tech. But once I did my internship… I discovered I didn’t have it in me. I couldn't hold an animal down to put it down. Broke my heart.

So instead I decided I wanted to be a Correctional Therapist. However, sadly, I never finished college. It would be nice to go back and finish tho… maybe when my husband is done with his manufacturing degree.


Underrated Treasures Blogfest
Everyone has a favorite movie or band that no one else has ever heard about. For whatever reason, they remain undiscovered and underrated. Now is your chance to tell the world about this obscure treasure!

On Monday, September 22, post about your favorite unknown


Post about one or all four – dealer’s choice!
Ginger Snaps
Fever Ray aka Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson
I know I have mentioned her before and I’m sure some people have heard about it, especially if you watch Vikings. She is part of an Electronic Pop Swedish duo The Knife.
**TV Show:
This show was only on for one season last year and then cancelled. I’m totally bummed about it!
Sick by Tom Leveeen


ALERT    *     BLOGFEST    *    ALERT!!!

Zombie Apocalypse: Survival kit & Crew

Post date: Friday, October 10th
Build a zombie apocalypse dream team and survival kit:
~ 7 crew members
~ 7 items for the survival kit
~ 7 background facts


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Authors I Need To Read More From

Top 10 Tuesday is a post hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week's topic is...
September 16: Top Authors I've Only Read One Book from but NEED to Read More
Authors – Books I’ve Read
James DashnerMaze Runner
Neil GaimanThe Ocean at the End of the Lane
Holly BlackDoll Bones
Julianna Baggott Pure
Andrew KlavanIf We Survive
Sherry ThomasThe Burning Sky
Brenna YovanoffPaper Valentine
Alexandra BrackenThe Darkest Minds
Jackson PearceSisters Red
S.A. BodeenThe Compound

Monday, September 15, 2014

Express Yourself: Weeks 2 and 3

Sept. 8-12: Do you have any special writing/reading places?

I love to write and read outdoors. I love the sounds and smells while going on my little adventures outside (unless it's raining or snowing, then I like to sit by the windows). Then later, when I’m outside or at the lake, I will encounter those sounds and smells again; this will bring me back to the moments while traveling through writing or reading.

Sept. 15-19: What do you like to collect?

I love several things enough to collect them:
Butterflies (not live ones)
Frogs (again, not live ones)
My favorite books
Knowledge (I know… corny)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August EYM, Sept EYM, & Blogfest

Aug. 18-22: If you could go back in time and bring back one item, what era would you visit and what item would bring back?
I would go back to the night of Elizabeth I coronation and swipe her robes patterned with Tudor roses and cropped with stout. How marvelous would that be!!??
Aug. 25-29: Name ONE cancelled/retired TV show you would love to see back on your boob tube with NEW episodes?
This one is easy: LOST
I REALLY loved that show even though it felt like a complete mind eff at times. I think the confusion of it all made it really interesting for me.

Sept 1-5: What books do you have lined up to read for Sept?
Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts
Cress by Marissa Meyer
The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness
Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor
On Hold
In A Handful of Dust by Mindy McGinnis (9/23/14)

And don’t forget to sign up for the Zombie Apocalypse: Survival Kit and Crew by clicking on the link below…

It’s super easy and better yet… it’ll be a blast. There is nothing wrong with having a plan now!