Thursday, May 10, 2012

Interviewing Jackie (at) Bouquet of Books

Today is Thursday and that means: Thursdays: May I tell you something about someone else?
Make this post about someone else. A writing friend. A critique partner. A person from history who's fascinating. A character from a book. Anyone you want. :) Have a guest poster. Give an interview. Get creative! Just let the spotlight shine on someone else. 
I, of course, have to share with you someone that has been a part of my life for, what, 13-14 years. She married my cousin and we have grown tight over the years. She has been there for each of my kids, she has witness all of my heartbreaks and losses, and she has picked me up when I was trying to put all of my pieces back together. She helped w/my 30th bday party, Threw me my baby shower for baby #4, suffered thru my pregnancy w/me, and was my Maid of Honor. Mother of 4 boys, inspiring author, beautiful wife, and florist, she can do it all. So here is Jackie @ Bouquet of Books...

I'm in black
Jackie is in blue-ish

1.) I know my first recollection of meeting you, at your baby shower for your oldest, is different from your first memory of meeting me. Can you tell me again about the first time you remember meeting me?
At your cousin’s wedding. You and the younger cousins were all dancing their booties off, but then a slow song came on. Lenny and I went to the dance floor to dance. You and the cousins giggled like teen girls do.
Wow that was a long time ago.
It wasn’t THAT long ago… LOL

2.) What would be your favorite memory of us?
Hmm… when we got our tattoos together and when we’d go out for our movie time.
Movie date night was the best and of course I will always treasure our tat.

Aunt Jackie w/baby#4
3.) Name a habit or something I do that drives you nuts?
That's a hard ques! Lol. I can't think of anything off the top of my head. So you must not do anything that drives me too crazy....but we haven't "seen" each other in a while so maybe that's why I can't come up with any. I'll try to think of something. :)
Oh you can think of something. Ask Lenny. I’m sure you have said something to him over the years like “if she yadda yadda yadda's one more time I’m gonna flip”. You know, like in passing and jokingly. Like I have said to Justin… “Did you know that Jackie does this thing with her lips when driving? I don’t think she’s aware of how loud it is.” LMAO! Do you know you do this with your mouth? We might have talked about it before.
Lmao! Yes. Lenny told me I do it. And I'm like no I don't. And then De told me I did and I'm like you guys are on crack. The kicker is, Debbie, a girl I went to high school with (and she was in my wedding and at my baby showers) says I did that habit back in high school! What the heck? And to hear you say it, too! Lmao. How f*ckin annoying of a habit that is! I'm a weirdo.
I really don't think you have an annoying habit, imo. :)
How about:
*I cut people off when I get excited about something in a convo.
*I over-exaggerate when I’m excited about something when telling a story.
*I cuss a lot even in front of kids.
*I’m a late breaker when driving.
*I’m late in giving driving instructions when someone else is driving.
Do I need to go on? LOL!
OMG!!! How could I freakin forget about all that stuff?! Yes. You nailed it. 1,4, and 5 for sure! I don't mind cussing, though I try to restrain myself in front of kiddos.
Oh Thanks! Glad I could help.

Jackie and her brew!
4.) Name one characteristic you like about me?
Sarcastic, like myself
Life wouldn’t be the same without it. I know I could not function being ordinary.

5.) If we were to get another tattoo together, what would it say?
Post pluvia venit soles -- After rain comes sunshinewhat about you ?
Wait a minute here I thought I was asking the questions. This one I have thought about and it would be…”L'une aimée peut causer la douleur mais sa cette douleur qui nous fait grandit plus fort ensemble.” (Loved ones may cause pain but it’s that pain that makes us grow stronger together.)
Wow!!! That’s a lot of script! Very deep, too. I'm sure we’ll come to a compromise if we ever go down that road again.

J, myself, Jax, and Leo
Name only ONE thing from each category below that you would want if you were stranded in a bunker during a zombie apocalypse…

6.) Movie?
Dawn of the Dead…. Okay, I know what people must be thinking. A zombie movie during a zombie apocalypse? Have I lost my mind? Well, probably, but hear me out. I can watch the movie and get some pointers of what to do and NOT to do. Because let’s face it. Those survivors made some serious mistakes.
I totally get your reasoning and would most definitely pick a zombie flick as well.

We are hardly serious
7.) Book?
The Bible
Nice choice

8.) TV show?
The Voice. Hello? I’d HAVE to get my Adam Levine fix.
::rolling eyes:: ; )
What? He’s hot … and sweet… and can sing… and he’s hot! I can’t imagine not looking at him or hearing him every now and then. It would be tragic.

You remember this pic don't you Jax? ;)
9.) Ethnicity of food i.e. Italian, Mexican, etc?
Mexican food (with lots and lots of jalapenos please.)
I hope the crapper works wherever you’re staying!
Yikes! I did NOT  think of that. I’m changing my answer to Italian. Lots of pasta! I’ll need the carbs, not the poops.

10.) Nook or Kindle?
I couldn’t live without mine either. But hopefully I have it filled with all the books I want. Who knows how long internet is going to be up and running.

11.) Drink?
Water for sure! (and coffee! Sorry, but I’m sneaking some of it in. I’ll need caffeine to keep up with all the running I’ll be doing.)
I said one! You can always hijack some caffeine pills from a pharmacy.
Water and coffee, it is! Thanks! LMAO

12.) Weapon of choice? You need to kill some zombies on your pillaging missions.

13.) What would your raiding attire consist of?
Dressed in layers: Cargo pants, tank top, long sleeved button up shirt, undergarments, and running shoes…. Oh, and these orange and gray Asics that I have. On the back of the shoe, there are little orange flowers. Super cute. Hey, if I’m going to be running from some flesh eating mutants, I’ll be doing it in style!
Layers is essential. The more layers, the harder it is to have teeth sunken into your arm. Cute shoe! Are you serious?
Oh, I’m absolutely serious!

Dorks R Us
14.) Pick your top 5 zombie flicks/shows.
* Dawn of the Dead remake
* The Walking Dead
* I Am Legend (I know. Some say the mutant things were vamps, others say zombies. I’m saying zombie-vamps.)
* Resident Evil
* Shaun of the Dead
Love them all although I’d switch SotD for 28 Days Later.
I liked 28 Weeks Later better than the Days flick.

15.) Now pick one item or person from each movie/show that you think will help aid in your survival.
* Kenneth (Ving Rhames)- He’s badass when it comes to killing zombies, and he’s a freakin brick wall. I’d want him on my side for sure.
* Daryl Dixon – He’s best friends with that crossbow. He’d make a great addition to my team.
* Robert Neville (Will Smith) – A scientist who may find a cure, plus he kicked butt in I Am Legend. And, um, he’s nice to look at. *sigh*
* Alice (Milla Jovovich) This chick is straight up awesome. And she knows how to kill the undead.
* Shaun (Simon Pegg) – Comedy relief in a zombie apocalypse? Yes, please!
I’m swiping Shaun for the dog off of Dawn of the Dead cause everyone needs an obedient comrade that the undead doesn’t want for a Scooby Snack. Plus I’m the comedic relief in my band of misfits.
I wouldn’t want a dog around because they will bark whenever they feel like it which would attract the undead. No, thanks!
That’s why you train them.

About your writing…
16.) What part of writing do you find the most satisfying?
Creating characters
Me too!

17.) Best character you’ve ever written. Why?
I love all my characters each in their own way so I can’t choose one. I’d feel like I’m hurting someone or something. Sounds dorky, but it’s true.
Oh you have to give me one character that you hold dear and near to your heart. ::puts hands up:: Ok, ok, no you don’t.

18.) Hardest character to write. Why?
I think the antagonist in any of my manuscripts is hard for me to write because it requires being nasty. I don’t like that part, but it’s a necessity.
Being nasty is my favorite part. It’s roleplaying for me.

19.) What is the best advice, about writing, you’ve ever gotten?
Really, it’d have to be … “write, read, write, read.” It sounds so blasé, but it’s really true.
Wise words!

You can't say we don't have a good time!
20.) What is something you’d like to share with my readers about writing?
Besides the above advice, I’d say get some beta readers. They are invaluable. Also, don’t give up. Tell your story and write those characters. Because while you’re thinking about writing it, someone else already is writing it.
That’s some of the best advice out there. Someone is always trying to get their foot in the door before you.
Thanks a bunch!

And there you have it ladies, gentlemen, and germs - my soultwin Jackie! Literally... the good Lord split atoms, DNA, morrow, and anything else that makes us - us, and put 1/2 in me and the other half in her.


  1. Awesome interview! It's great that you guys have been friends for so long. Love the tats!

  2. You guys are so fun together! I wanna join the party. Though we'll all be talking over each other with that annoying habit ;)

  3. What a fun interview! You're really lucky to have such a close relationship with a cousin-in-law.

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful post dedication. Got a little choked up when I read some of it! Ur the best.

    1. Of course! I did too. I was thinking about all the stuff we have done for each other and it all came flooding back!

  5. Awww.. so wonderful. This was a post made with love, it warms my heart to read it :) You two are so lucky to have each other. Close friends and writing buds, can't beat that. I love the tattoos you got together. Sounds like there are a couple of zombie-fans in the house :) I would totally need to have Simon Pegg on my team as well. He was great in the show Spaced. If you havn't seen it yet, check it out. Ok, I'll stop rambling now.

    Take care,


    1. You're right. It's easy to write when love is involved.
      Definite zombie fans.
      You're rambling is fine by me. I myself can ramble!

  6. Thank you for taking the time to read the interview. It was so fun to do! :)

    Yay! Another Simon Pegg fan! He's hilarious!


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