Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mermaids, Hatfields and McCoys

Still frame from video of creature on the beach
Ok, ok... did anyone see Mermaids: The Body Found this weekend on Animal Planet? It was featured during Monsters Week. Anyways ... talk about freakin' me the freak out. Personally I thought the creature on the beach was a bit fake looking and really ... did those two boys really just "stumble" across it? No?! Yeah, me either.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I would flippin' keel over and die if Mermaids, Mermen, Merperson's were are real. I mean, where did all the legends come from anyways? And I'm not just talking about Mercreatures, I'm talking about all the kit-and-cuboodle. Vampires, Lockness, Werewolves, Ghosts, Fairies, and so-on. Ya know - the things that go bumps in the night.

The legends had to come from somewhere, right?!


Just nod your head. That's right, just nod.

Moving on -

Last night I stayed up WAY past my beddiby to watch Hatfields and McCoys. You know ... the damned feud over a pig. A PIG!

My opinion (which really means nothing) is ... the pig wasn't the cause of the feud. It was mearly the straw that broke the camels back.

Randolph "Ole Ran'l" McCoy was pissed the William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield went AWOL and left his war brothers behind. Hey, Hatfield told McCoy that it was a fools mission to carry on and he wasn't wrong. After Hatfield left, McCoy and seven other survivors were housed in a prison camp in OH. After the war was over, McCoy came home to a town the Hatfields ruled.

The Hatfields took back what was wrongfully stolen by the McCoys and it didn't sit well with Ole Ran'l. Then here comes a Hatfield strolling along with the runaway pig Randolph family lost. It was the cottonpickin' ear mark.

During Trial a McCoy flopped and sided with the Hatfields. Everything went downhill from there. All Hell broke loose.

Men were killing one-a-notha. Y'all.

Johnson Hatfield and Roseanna McCoy couldn't be together. And it left off with Devil gathering fella's up to rescue his boy who was to be murdered by dawn.

Did anybody else stay up too damn late to watch it? *Yawns*

What did you think of the Mermaids? Real/fake?

Who do you side with? Hatfields/McCoys?

Are you related to them? Their kin-folk are everywhere. I researched it! Honest!


  1. One of my friends is related to the McCoys LOL! I had no idea who they were until she mentioned writing an article about it!

  2. Ooo, I've wanted to see this! Definitely on my list.

    And Mermaids... I don't know if they're real. But it would be so cool if they were.

  3. I recorded the last thirty minutes of Hatfields and McCoys and will watch the rest tonight. Thought it was very well done.

  4. I became interested in cryptozoology after watching an episode about it on Arthur C. Clarke's old show, The Mysterious World of Arthur C. Clarke. Possibly it was also featured on Beyond Bizarre, a similar show the Discovery Channel also used to show as part of their Phenomethon in November. It's definitely possible that some type of mermaid-like creature once existed, or that it's a race memory of a similar creature a long time ago.

  5. I wanted to watch Hatfields/MacCoys, but alas I have no cable, hopefully the History Chanel will make it available on Netflix instant, they do that with alot of their shows.

  6. I love mermaids. They're probably my favorite mythological creature. I watched the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie BECAUSE of them. I'd love if they were real.

    Was Hatfields and MacCoys good? I wanted to watch and forgot to dvr it. I'm sure it'll re-air though, so if you recommend it let me know!

  7. I saw that the mermaid show was on but didn't get to watch it. :(

    Hope you're staying awake. Drink lots of coffee! LOL

  8. I didn't see either show, but I am with you about those myths and legends coming from somewhere. :)

  9. That thing in the first pic is creepy to me. LOL

  10. Didn't see either, although the Mermaid pic kind of freaks me out. We TiVo'd H & C, so I'll get to watch it when I get back from Washington.

  11. Thanks for reminding me of the Hatfields and the McCoys. I totally forgot about that show. Need to check it out.

  12. I cannot believe I forgot to DVR the freaky mermaid show. If it's on again, I will report back... though I assume it's gotta be as fake as that guy who got his own show about hunting Bigfoot with donut traps. That's a real thing. Not kidding.

  13. I saw the mermaid show...very entertaining. The Blair Witch of Animal Planet shows. It was all staged, if you noticed at the end fo the program they said it was staged but they still claimed that the show is based on real events and people....I kind of doubt that but it was really entertaining.

  14. Mermaids...fake, but I wish they were real, dammit

  15. I have always been interested in The Feud. I DVR's the series, so I hoping to starting watching it today. We shall see how far I get through it today.

  16. The Mermaids thing was a pass for me, but it sounds freaky. The Hatfield sounded interesting. I just couldn't stay up that late.


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