Monday, May 21, 2012

ROAK, Awards, and 20 Honest Statements

Andrea @ The Enchanted Writer gave me some major props in her ROAK post here, along with many other awesome bloggers! Go check her out.

Now on to the Awards!

Laura @ My Baffling Brain bestowed upon me the Kreativ Blogger Award!

So a huge shout-out to her and all of her awesomeness!

And this award goes to...
The Enchanted Writer
A2Z Mommy and Whats In Between

Cassie @ Cassie Mae presented me with the Real Trooper Award.

I was so excited for this award. I saw this on another bloogers page and covetted it. And then YAY! Go see what Cassie is all about.

And this award goes to...
Bouquet of Books

Lastly the sharing part...
Instead of doing the Random Facts about myself I am going to spice it up with 20 Honest Statements Hazel @ Pablo's Angel did and inspired me to the same. It involves listing 20 things you want to say to certain people but you know that you never will. You can't say who they are either.

1. Please don't pretend to like me in front of watchful eyes.
2. F*ck off!
3. Take this job and shove it!
4. If I wanted to be walked all over I'd lay down at the front door.
5. I actually loved you.
6. I'd rather be somewhere else.
7. I'd rather be hanging out with someone else.
8. You need to brush your teeth.
9. Stop complaining about your weight when you are shoving ho-ho's into your piehole.
10. I stopped playing your games a long time ago.
11. When are you going to get over yourself.
12. You might think your sh!t don't stink but your farts are killing me.
13. You look at me like that one more time and you're gonna get b!tch slapped.
14. Have you stopped pretending yet?
15. Just cause we're family doesn't mean I like you. (<-- This has nothing to do with MY side of the family)
16. I dare you.
17. Can you smack your face into my hand?
18. You should NOT be wearing that.
19. You're a b!tch. Period.
20. If you look at the twins one more time, you're gonna get two black eyes and I won't be using my hands.

Ok - so some of these I WOULD probably say - but still - you get the point.

Happy Monday!


  1. Ooh, this is like a variation of the paranoia meme that went around Live Journal a few years ago, in which you had to post honest statements about people on your friends list! It was a pretty awful thing to do and it caused so much drama!

    "12. You might think your sh!t don't stink but your farts are killing me." - LOL!

    Thanks for the award - I am feeling super loved today! :D

    1. What! Why would they do that and why would people post not-so-nice things on someone elses page. Nuts!

      You are loved!

  2. Thank you for the super cool trooper award!!! I love it!

    I gave you awards on my blog post this morning, but I see you already received them. :) That's okay. It shows how much you're loved in Bloggerville!

    1. Yay! Nice! So many awards are going around right now. Must be in the air. Thanks and congrats on you awards!

  3. LOL. Verrrry entertaining! Congrats on all the award love! ;)

  4. Congrats on the awards Danielle! Your 20 Honest Statements are inspired.

  5. Hey, thanks for following. You're hilarious, following back, no questions asked. I have a few honest statements just waiting to come out too

    1. No prob! Thanks. Go ahead and unleash the honesty!

  6. I take it these are things that needed to be said. Well done.

    BTW: I tagged you for The Lucky 7 MeMe today. Check it out. :)

    1. Yes and I feel much better! Thank you.

      Ohhhh so exciting!

  7. Thanks for the shout out, glad my post inspired you to do this yourself :)

    Also, congrats on your awards!

    1. That was so much fun! I might need to do that everyday. lol!

  8. Congrats on your awards! Love the honest statements. :)

  9. Congrats and I love all of your Honest Statements!

  10. I discovered your blog at the person who gave you one of those sparkling awards! Congrats, I'm so jealous as I LOVE SW. That's supper cool. :)

    1. You can have it! Go ahead, I'll gift it to you.

  11. I'd love to say a couple of those honest statements to my so-called fiancé's relatives, as well as a few more! Congratulations on the awards.


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