Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BMM - Synopsis of Me

Tuesdays: May I tell you something about myself?
Pretty self-explanatory 
:) Share something about yourself that your followers might not know. Or maybe they do. It doesn't matter--this is just so people who read your blog can get to know you a little better.
May I? Oh sure I can. Let me think for a sec. What can I say about myself today?
I guess I can give a life run down from birth to now… here goes

1978 – Born right after the blizzard in the somewhat great state of Indiana. Unfortunately can’t find a way out of here either.
1980 – My best friend was born – my brother. (Age 2.5)
1996 – Graduated from HS (Age 18) and got my first tat!
1996-1997 – Attended IPFW to pursue a degree in Veterinary Science.
1997 – Got knocked-up. (Age 19)
1998/Jan – Married (Age 20)
1998/June – Give birth to beautiful baby boy (Age 20)
1999 – Knocked-up again. (Age 21)
2000/Feb – Give birth to beautiful baby girl. (Age 22)
2000/Nov – Separated.
2001 – Divorce is final. 9/11 rocks the world. Knocked-up again. (don’t focus on by who, lol) (Age 23)
2002/June – Give birth to beautiful baby boy. (Age 24)
2002/Nov – Best friend/brother passes in a car accident. (Still 24 – he was 22)
2003 - Got second tat!
2002-2004 – Attended Ivy Tech to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice.
2004 – Meet “forever” husband at bar. (how romantic) (Age 26)
2005 - Got third tat!
2006 – Get married. (Age 28) and got fourth tat!
2007 – Tubal Ligation surgery. (Age 29)
2008 - Got fifth tat!
2009/Feb – Knocked-up for the fourth time with miracle baby.
2009/Oct – Give birth to beautiful baby girl. (Age 31)
2011 – Sign up on blogger and met you wonderful peeps! (Age 33)
2012 - Got sixth tat!

And there you have it – my synopsis of a life. I thru the tats in there for good measure.
What pit stops in your life are memorable to you?


  1. There's an award for you on my blog :)
    Also great post, I feel like I know a lot about you now! :)

  2. Wow you've been through a lot!

    1. It was a hard road at first but it all worked itself out.

  3. Whoa, that is a lot of stuff to go through!

    1. Yes, but it made stronger and who I am.

  4. What a life you've lived. It's great to get to know more about you. :)

    1. Thanks! I think after everything; I'm slowly starting to find myself and my path in life.

  5. Love how the tattoos made the list :) I just have to ask...Does the Zombie finger like the new pink background?

    1. Of course he does! It's close to his fav color - blood red. He wanted me to go darker but I thought it would be pushing the envelope. LMAO!

  6. Ha- we both graduated and got tats the same year! LoL.

  7. Those are a lot of tattoos! If I ever got one, I'd get a typographical tattoo in my beloved Palatino font, though I love a good tattoo design like a flower, animal, or sunrise. I'd probably put my nostril piercing on such a list, after how many years I'd wanted it for. Some people don't believe when I say I honestly didn't feel a thing, not even a prick. I wish I could say the same for what happened 7 weeks after my nostril piercing, when I was run over by a car. I was able to keep my piercing in during all of my subsequent surgeries.

  8. Girl, you are rocking it! and four babies too.. day-um! You GO GIRL! I'm so glad I found your site. You are so talented! :)


  9. Wait....you still find time to do this? I have two dogs and they take up enough of my time let alone 4 kids. Whew!


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