Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blog Me MAYbe Zombie Survey - FOR MY FOLLOWERS

Sara McClung invites you to join her (and Katy, Cambria, Jessica, Tracey, Alexandra, Lola, and Alison) for the Blog Me MAYbe.
Wednesdays: May I ask something about you?

Today is Wednesday which means I get to ask you, my reader, something about yourself. MAY I?
Here goes…
I thought I’d make this fun.
A to Z brought out many Zombie Enthusiasts on “Z” day soooo….
I have a set of questions for ALL of you.
Ready. Set. GO!!!!!!
During the Zombie Apocalypse…
1. What would you change your name to? Cause c’mon, everyone wants a badass zombie slashing name. Right?!
2. Would you try to survive at your house or find shelter somewhere else? Where would this somewhere else be?
3. What ONE person out of all the zombie movies/tv/novels/comics would you want on your team?
4. Now; which ONE of those movies/tv/novels/comics would be the ideal zombie setting?
5. What would your ZA theme song/album be?
My A’s:
1. Dani Darko
2. Parent’s house is ideal. They’re in the country.
3. Alice from Resident Evil
4. The Angels are the Reapers novel by Alden Bell
5. System of a Down – Toxicity

Seriously – those were hard for even me to pick just ONE. Ugh!

Go on - I'm waiting.


  1. I'm gonna go with Grisly Gruesome, (GG for short.);) As far as where we'd go, I'd have to ask my husband. He has it all planned out!

  2. Is the Zombie Apocalypse imminent? You are the second person today to ask about it! :)

    My plan is to run and hide. Get me and my family out and no looking back. No turning into a zombie for me. But I do love your zombie name.

  3. Ooooh... Maybe my name would be... Saradise Striker. I'd find shelter somewhere other than my house because I'd want something like Will Smith's character in I Am Legend. I'd most want that mysterious ninja chick that showed up at the end of this season's Walking Dead finale. And I'm passing on the other two because I can't think of anything!

  4. I've read quite a few zombie posts today! Fun. I'm learning quite a bit--and this is coming from someone who knows next to nothing about zombies. :)

  5. My A's to your Q's:

    1. Lily Levine. Okay, I had to try right? How about Jackie Jackknife ... you know, Jackie be nimble, Jackie be spry, Jackie get a zombie with a Jackknife to the eye. Hmm... I think I like Lily Levine better. :)
    2. home
    3. Daryl Dixon (and his crossbow :D) from The Walking Dead TV series.
    4. Dawn of the Dead. They had everything they needed in that mall. Why the heck did they leave?!
    5. Down with the Sickness by Richard Cheese (his version of the Disturbed song is flippin hilarious!)

  6. 1. Jake Steel
    2. My house. It is out in the country. Also their are some farms around, and the farmers could be valuable allies.
    3.I agree with you Alice form Resident Evil. Her or Tallahassee from Zombieland, because you need some humor in a zombie wasteland.
    4. The prison from The Walking Dead, but minus the crazy townspeople a couple miles away.
    5. Enter Sandman by Metallica.

  7. I would go camp out in a Walmart or Fred Meyer. It has everything I'd need.

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