Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Top Ten TV Shows

This year I am posting two themes: 26 Top Ten's and 26 Novel's (mostly published from 2014)

My Top Ten for Letter T:

TV Shows (no particular order)

1. Vikings

2. Game of Thrones

3. The Walking Dead

4. Sleepy Hollow

5. True Blood

6. Dracula

7. Resurrection

8. Lost

9. Revolution

10. Modern Family

Bonus: Netflix series – Hemlock Grove


  1. I love Vikings too and GOT the best! Modern Family I can always count on to make me laugh! Good choices Dani.

  2. I see the commercials for Vikings all the time. Looks fantastic, but I haven't checked it out yet.

  3. I love love love True Blood, Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead. I have been thinking of watching Vikings, Resurrection (which I dvr'ed but haven't seen yet) and Hemlock Grove (which looks incredible). Seems like we have similar taste, which makes me think I should go ahead with the three I haven't seen?


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