Monday, April 14, 2014

Top Ten Drinks and Landry Park

This year I am posting two themes: 26 Top Ten's and 26 Novel's (mostly published from 2014)

My Top Ten for Letter L:

LushDrinks I Like (warning, I like Vodka)

1. Vodka Tonic

2. Vodka Collins

3. Mountain Dew

4. Peach Green Tea (from Arby’s)

5. Amaretto Sour

6. Angry Orchard (all)

7. Naked Juices & Smoothies

8. Starbucks (anything flavored)

9. Lemon Drop shots

10. Skittles shots


Come back tomorrow for Letter M!!


  1. Skittles shots? What's in them? (Vodka?)
    Having fun with the Challenge?

  2. Yes, I'm curious about the skittles one too! Very interesting. Landry Park sounds good. I'll have to check that out furrther. :)

  3. Used to drink Vodka Collins in college. Yummy.

    I don' know the name of this drink, but my friend made it a few times. UV Blue and Lemonade. It's super yummy. One of those that you don't realize what you're drinking.

  4. The first time I ever got intoxicated was on a few Tom Collinses that my uncle fixed for me. I was 20 at the time and had never drank alcohol before. Those things were like lemonade and it was a hot summer day so I was just downing them without any effect. Then everything started spinning and I was feeling just dandy. I was okay--just feeling good. That started me on the road to drinking alcohol, but I've always kept my drinking under control and don't drink very often. Now I want a drink after reading this.

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