Saturday, April 12, 2014

Top Ten K Things I Love & The Killing Jar

This year I am posting two themes: 26 Top Ten's and 26 Novel's (mostly published from 2014)

My Top Ten for Letter K:

K… as in Ten Things I Like That Start With the Letter K.

1. Kittens

2. Karma – I like it when it’s not directed at moi

3. Kites

4. Kids

5. Keyboard – so I can type of course!

6. Karats - bling bling

7. Knitted Sweaters

8. Kin – family is cool

9. Kangaroos

10. Koalas

Come back on Monday for the letter L!!


  1. Kittens! MY favorite. Trying to talk my fiance into getting one for us :)

  2. I, too, like it when karma is not directed at me. :) Lovely, fun post, and great choice(s) for letter K.
    Silvia @

  3. Yes to Karma and Keyboards! :)

  4. Will you please stop giving me books to add to my to-read list? It's bloated as it is. :)

  5. What a fun way to do the A to Z, I really enjoyed this.

  6. Nice theme. New follower here and yes Happy Blitz day.

  7. What a gem I have found and like the lists. So much fun.
    Happy blitz day.


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