Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Express Yourself - School Subjects

Well it's Tuesday, Nov the 5th and my calendar says it's Election Day but in my little world it's Express Yourself Meme day!! Whoot!

Jackie and I are back from our little Spooktoberfest break to bring you four more weeks of EYM questions and to gain some blogger insider knowleadge for you.

This week: What was your favorite subject in high school and/or college?

I liked several subjects but the one I would say I loved the most... Mythology. I loved anything that had to do with mythology. Greek, Norse, Roman, Celtic, etc. Gods, supernatural heroes and humans, creatures, and the tales that went along with them brought me great joy. Plus the teacher who taught it was super hot and I swear he had supernatural powers himself. He was cut like a God himself. *dreamy*

I also LOVED photography class. I've always been a picture fanatic. I adore a great pic.


  1. Mythology--cool. I love that stuff too.

    One of my favorite classes in high school: Novels--surprise... surprise. :) But history rated up there and French too--I had the coolest French teacher in high school.

  2. Wish I had that class, only learned bits of mythology from literature. Loved it so much I went on the reading the rest myself.

  3. I love mythology, never really did it at school though! My favourite subject was English :)

  4. Mythology is always cool.
    My favorite was music - of course!

  5. History. It repeats and its where all the Stories happened.

  6. I liked photography, too. And Art Criticism and Jazz were cool, but I loved all my Film classes the most - and that's what my BFA degree was in. Have a great day! :-)

  7. I wish I'd had a hot Greek Mythology teacher...I didn't. lol

    I should look more into the other mythologies. I never do.


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