Express Yourself Meme

Hey Blogging Friends! Express Yourself is a weekly meme. It's goal is to help our fellow bloggers get to know one another better, to help motivate one another, laugh (or cry) together, in other words – stalk.

What makes you tick? What inspires you to write? How is the outside world influencing you? Whether it be a quote, a list of favorite things/people, a question, a song, and so on. Each week we will find something different to post about. It will correlate with writing, blogging, and life in general. Then, we hope, you’ll follow suit and post what it is that motivates you.

At the beginning of every month Jackie and I will post a Gadget with a list of that month’s weekly posts so you will be informed in advanced. Originally this post was to be on Mondays. Typically that is when Jackie and myself will post our EYM's but you can post whenever you like; Monday through Friday!

We love banners and couldn’t decide. Pick one, use them all, it’s up to you. You can be as creative as you want with your posts! We are not judging it, we just want to get to know our great group of blogging friends better.

Use videos, pictures, words - we don't care. Be creative. Be you. EXPRESS YOURSELF!

Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and I have decided to use a Linky that you only have to sign up for ONCE. Just fill out the info in the below Linky and then post every week. If you miss a week or two, don't fret. We're very understanding hosts.

When signing up please use only your blog URL not the URL of your post! Thanks!


  1. I so <3 you guys for keeping me on the list with everything that's gone on. You totally rock.

  2. I have just discovered this meme and it sounds like fun :)


  3. Hey, Dani! I'm letting you know my blog link has changed! Do I re-add myself, or can you edit it? If so, the new link is


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