Monday, November 11, 2013

Express Yourself - Top 5 TV Shows, 7 Deadly Sins

What a lovely start to a new work week... I guess. I mean I HAVE to be here right?

To for EYM lets talk about TV Shows.

Jackie and I would like to know: What are the top 5 TV Shows you are currently watching lately?

Not of all time but right now.

  1. American Horror Story: Coven
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. Dracula
  4. Sleepy Hollow
  5. Witches of East End
These above are the ones that are on TV RIGHT NOW. However, I am anticipating the final season of True Blood, and the upcoming new show, Almost Human.

Now, lets have a little fun shall we. I present the SEVEN DEADLY SINS...

Seven great things in your life:
1. My husband
2. Son #1
3. Daughter #1
4. Son #2
5. Daughter #2
6. Job security
7. Health

Seven things you lack and covet:
1. To finish my Criminal Justice degree
2. A closet that would pick out my clothes for me.
3. An awesome wardrobe.
4. My novel published.
5. A Gran Torino
6. An endless gas card
7. To be a paid blogger – but still blog about thing I want to blog about

Seven things that make you angry:
1. Ignorance – this covers a wide range from racism, respecting someone else, bullying, harassment, etc.
2. A-hole drivers – sometimes this includes me
3. The disregard for human life
4. Self-image in society
5. How much entertainers and athletes are paid! It’s ridiculous!!
6. Famine
7. That I don’t own my own island. Grrrr

Seven things that you neglect to do:
1. Laundry – I forget it’s in the washer so I have to wash it again. Or dry it cause I’m too lazy to fold it.
2. Reply back to emails and texts
3. Sweep the floors
4. Visit my family often
5. Dinner on a daily basis, however the kids like “fend for yourself” nights
6. Things I said I would do in a timely manner
7. Take care of my body better

Seven worldly material desires:
1. A zombie proof mansion
2. Again… my own island that houses my mansion
3. A Yacht to get back and forth from said island
4. Lots of clothes and shoes for everyone in my family
5. Survival gear including hunting gear – for any social fallout (lol)
6. And of course lots of money… because all of the above cannot pay for itself
7. Did I mention fully stocked supplies to last for years?

Seven guilty pleasures:
1. A really great intimate moment – the kind that takes your breath away
2. Internet
3. Horror films
4. Being lazy – sometimes I could watch paint dry - seriously
5. Mountain Dew or a really great Pumpkin Spice Latte
6. Reading
7. Watching TV

Seven things you love about love:
1. Having those moments you remember why you fell in love in the first place
2. When you catch them staring at you
3. The security you can only feel with that someone special
4. Little gestures; hold hands, playing with hair, caress cheek, smack fanny (lol), etc
5. When you can smother them to death with kisses and they put up with it when they are watching football (hehe)
6. Knowing someone always has your back
7. When something happens to you in which you should be mad but you’re not, however, they are because they know you are hurting so they feel protective. (My husband does that a lot. It’s cute.)

Seven bloggers I'm dying to know their answers to the Seven Sins survey...

SK Anthony

Have a great Monday!!


  1. Awesome post, and huzzah to the Walking Dead! :)

  2. haha, I was just thinking how hard it would be to come up with these. Grrr. Let me go do it. lol

  3. Holy cats, you tagged me! And I was just thinking, as I read through your lists, how interesting and revealing this meme is and how I'd like to use this as a blog post! :-D I have something planned for next week, but anticipate working this one into my bloggy schedule soon - thanks for thinking of me!

    I'm really with you on Wrath #3, Greed #1 (but I view that as a necessity), and "Aw!" for Lust #7 (so sweet!). Also a big fan of AHS and Walking Dead! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  4. Yeah, Dracula lulled me into the dulldrums in the first few minutes. But The Walking Dead and Sleepy Hollow are definitely ones to watch. Grimm is my Friday Night pleasure on NBC. Love how you have pride in your family and those are some detailed sins Dani.

  5. OMgoodness, I have to come up with 49 things about me. This one might take time. :)

    I apologize, cause this reply is gonna get long. I can tell, even though I haven't typed it out yet.

    Okay. So I don't watch a lot of TV shows that I have to catch from week to week. My two big ones are Law and Order SVU and CSI. Cause apparently I like real life horrors in addition to creepy guys who attack you in your sleep horrors. So those are the only ones I DVR each week.

    But as I look at your list, I'm reminded of shows I so want to see.

    1. American Horror Story: Coven. So in September, we got to go to NYC for the first time. A long weekend trip. It was a week before the new TV season hit. And I kept seeing all these posters for AHS. I'd look at them and think, wow, that's interesting, like in a totally creepy fascinating way. I gotta see this show. (Once I realized it was a TV show cause I hadn't heard of it as of then)

    But did I start watching it? No.

    2. The Walking Dead: Every once in a while I'll see a preview for a movie and think, damn that looks good. Then at the end I see it's actually TWD and I'm like crap. I can't watch it cause I have to start from the beginning. But that episode looks so good. But no, I don't think it's one I can jump into right in the middle.

    3. Dracula. This one I actually haven't seen anything on.

    4. Sleepy Hollow. The headless horseman--another can't miss. Saw promos for this one too before the season started. Have I watched it? No.

    5. Witches of East End. Saw this all over NYC too and thought, cool. I need to check it out. But once again, have not seen one episode.


    I think the problem is that several of these shows are not on the big 4. NBC, CBS, FOX or ABC. So I'm not seeing commercials for them all the time and they kinda slipped out of my head. Maybe I'll have to go and start DVRing the new ones cause over this year, they'll replay them and once I got all seasons then I can start watching in order.

  6. Thanks for tagging me!
    And we have a few shows in common TWD, AHS, and Dracula. :D

  7. Of those shows, the only one I've seen is Sleepy Hollow! (I don't have cable, though, soooo...kind of hard to watch most of the others, haha.)

    Loving your deadly sins! I could watch paint dry sometimes, too. Oops. XD

  8. This was SO clever! And totally entertaining, Dani! And man... crazy drivers totally bring out the angry Morg...

  9. Thank you for tagging me! It's going to take me a little while to think about these. I'll post them real soon.


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