Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today’s Top 10 Negative Countdown & Versatile Award

Today’s Top 10 Negative Countdown
10. Slow ass drivers! Well first of all – they’re everywhere when you’re running behind. And second – I always seem to get that one guy who seems to have misplaced the gas pedal.
9. Common misconception that kids need to be perfect. Of course we all WANT perfect children but let’s face it – it isn’t reality. I love it when parents say “I have the perfect kids.” REALLY! Do you really have the perfect kids? And I’m not talking in the Biblical sense here. Of course we were all blessed with the kids that we were meant to have. I’m talking about the “Stepford wives kids” type. And don’t be expecting your kids to be perfect. They’re kids after all and only learn from what they are surrounded by.
8. People who are always happy. Ugh! Like gag me with a spoon! There is no possible way *rolling eyes* this person is happy ALL the time without a little help from a pill. Well – I guess it could be possible – but I don’t like it. “Oh hi! How is your day going?! Isn’t it wonderful to be alive?!” My first thought is I hope you’re enjoying your last moments cause I’m about to kill you. But I refrain and say “I know,” politely smile and walk away.
7. People who exhibit Eeyoreism. Oh woe is me. It’s dark and dreary and life sucks. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Can we please find a happy medium somewhere? Or maybe I need a new job?
6. Daylight Savings Time. I still haven’t caught up on that lost hour.
5. Too many books. They are piling up and I don’t know what to do with them.
4. People that hover. When I say “I’m gonna look at it and get back to you.” What I’m really saying is “Go the flip away and when I find some time I will let you know what you effed up.” Not “Please stand here and hover over me until you get the hint that I’m not looking at it at this very moment.”
3. When I say give me a minute, I really mean five.
2. When is someone going to build the damn Time Machine? I really don’t care about the time continuum. I have some people I’d like to see again and possibly pick the winning numbers to last weeks lottery.
And the number one negative today…
1. Time couldn’t move any slower when you have a vacation planned. This is where that blasted Time Machine will be handy.

On another note: Versatile Blog Award
Jeremy over at Geeky Tendencies awarded me a Versatile Blog Award. This is my 3rd and I'm very appreciative for it. You can go here and here to check out the random facts about myself.
I will not be forwarding this on. Like the Lucky 7 Meme, this has also been going around the blogosphere and I have no idea who has already been tagged. But I would love to hear about your randomness. So please share!
Have a great Thursday!


  1. I have perfect kids...each and every one is perfectly rotten in his own special way.
    I'm also always happy (sans little pill)...and when I'm not I hide it...cause the Eeyore attitude does really tick me off. I always remind myself...somewhere a kid is battling I really gonna whine about this?

  2. LOL, The permanently perky people bug me a little too, but there is a small fraction of me that wants to be one of them. It must be nice to bounce around all day as if there was nothing to worry about!

  3. I have an Eeyore child and a Super Sunshine Happy at 5 am child, so my kids aren't perfect :) And lets band together to end Daylight Savings Time. I HATE it!!!

  4. I hate Daylight Savings Time! Indiana used to be one of three states that didn't do it, but that changed a couple of years ago.

  5. I'll tell ya what - number 8 is much more pleasant to be around than number 7. My two closest friends are both very happy 90-percent of the time (and somehow, not annoying at all), but they're also hilarious, funny-sarcastic and they make it impossible for me to be in a pissy mood around them. They're awesome!

    I never have to worry about daylight savings time, since I'm in AZ.

  6. I'm happy pretty much of the time. If I'm not. Then I'm not around. For a reason. Give me that minute (or twenty ;))

  7. Ha Ha Ha I love number 8! I don't have kids but my best friend does and it's hilarious to see her face when people give her 5 and 8 year old *that look*.

    Some people just need to be dumped on an island somewhere and never seen again.

  8. I wish we could be on Daylight Savings Time all the time. Then we wouldn't need to switch.

  9. Slow ass drivers are always the pet peeve of drivers. Non-drivers like me have a different peeze. Drivers who suddenly drive a race car the second you step out in the street. Seriously who wants to race a pedestrian in a car?

    Anyway cool list. Hey if books are piling up on you....send me some. And yes, a time machine would be handy.


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