Friday, November 1, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things!

Friday means a lot of things; the end of my work week, the day I can where a casual shirt to work, the day when I can be more flippant (wait, that's everyday), and the day I get to share all the cool stuff I've done this week. Thanks Viklit for giving us an outlet!

First off - The winners and runner-ups for spooktoberfest were posted yesterday here and here. Go check out some really great flash fiction pieces. I really enjoyed meeting some new and very entertaining and interesting people. And of course reading the entries of some of my favorite bloggers and long time friends.

Second - Halloween, despite the horrible weather, was a success. The kids had a really great time going back to the old neighborhood to hang out with their friends from their old school. I hope you guys had a safe and fun day as well. In the comments below tell me what your kids went as or what your favorite costume was that you saw wondering about.

Gabe (left) and his friend (both 15 but his friend is already 6'4"!!), Lani (Left) and her two cousins, Alexis (middle) and her two friends, and Kylar.
 Third - Now that I have hit my goals with my personal trainer we have decided to set new ones... run a 5k. Well technically it's 4 miles. My goal is to run a mile and walk 1/4 and then run a mile, then walk again. Eventaully I want to be able to run a 5k straight through. My first race... Dec 14th... in the snow. Ugh!

Fourth - Those who celebrate... Christmas is in 54 days. No... I'm not even close to being ready. And even though halloween is my favorite holiday, I am excited to put the fall decor away and put up the Christmas stuff.

Oh also, check out #ResurrectionBlogfestII hosted by Some Dark Romantic!

Have a great Friday and weekend!!


  1. I'm really excited for Christmas, even though I haven't even started planning it yet! It's my favourite holiday :)

  2. Kudos on the gym goals and 5k aspirations. I only run when chased... That being said, those are all worthy celebrations. I'll go away and give this a think...

  3. Congrats on the gym goals and having Halloween fun. Christmas is coming but I'm more excited about November 29. My Birthday! Whoo! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. wow on the running goal - good for you! I was actually considering to begin running once we move (I have planned for a treadmill purchase). Blessings!

  5. I loved reading the flash winners and runnersup for your contest! Great pics - the kids are adorable! Good luck on the 5km, although it makes my legs ache just to think about it. Argh. Have a lovely weekend! :-)

  6. Love the costumes and shining young faces! I remember the good old days when I took my kid trick or treating. Now, he's just full of tricks. :-/

    Thanks for pimping my blogfest!!! <3
    Check Out Mina's Resurrection Blogfest II!


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