Monday, July 30, 2012

Urban Adventures - South Bend

What have I been up to? Well it's been over a week since I last posted and that's only because it was crunch-time for me to condition for this year Urban Adventure Games - South Bend. See it's kinda like Amazing Race but with shorter challenges and only 4 hours to complete them in.

Oh! And your only mode of transportation is your bike... as in bicycle.

How our day started out... I had a flat tire before we even started. At the venue I am replacing my tube and pumping it up. Did I mention I was freaking the freak out. We got there at 6:45 and the mandatory rules meeting started at 7. We walked in as the lady was beginning her spiel on obeying road rules, cheating, and our passports.

What it entailed... (* = my favs but accomplished all that are listed)

Biking 30 miles
*Zip line (across the river)
Water polo
*Water rafting (down the river)
*Paddleboarding (standing while paddling a surfboard)
Elliptical biking
Balloon popping
Sand transfer (ran back and forth filling up sand buckets)
Crossfit (moved 300lbs of weights)
Face painting
Played a round of Cops/Robbers
Ran relay in Firefighter gear (hard as hell)
Egg relay w/spoons
*Farmers market (we had to push ourselves thru the market to get items on a list)
Paper airplanes (you had to fold a paper airplane then throw it through a hole - not as easy as it sounds)
Water a flat of flowers
Run a city block tied together
... plus much much more
We didn't get to three stations but with it being our first time... I think we did so much and had a blast!

I seriously thought my hubby would be yelling at me and pushing me too hard but he was AWESOME! He was encouraging, said nothing but great things, and he made me feel great about myself. I hate being in a bikini so when it came to the water polo and all we were allowed to wear was a sports bra and our biking shorts - I about freaked. He said I looked great and better than most of the people there. I know he was puking bullshit but he made me feel great!

Would I do it again? HELL-to-the-YES!


  1. That is cool. So which part stations did you enjoy the most... and the least?

  2. I have the same question!! Which were your favorites and least favorites?

  3. Thx for asking girls... I edited which ones were my favs. But to list them I loved the rafting, zip line, paddleboarding, farmers market, and hockey!

  4. Awesome job, Dani! Proud of you girl. xo

  5. Congrats on all that you accomplished. I'm sure your hubby wasn't joking.


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