Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Undead Stuff

Don't deny it because I'll be the one on the car.

Just skimming the Internet the other day and BAM...
If you haven't read about this... maybe you should. Go to Z World Detroit to learn more. Maybe you can help fund this new project in the works!

Merle and his hand replacement! If you haven't watched The Walking Dead's first two seasons then you're missing out!


  1. Oh I was so excited watching that season 3 preview! I can't wait! October is way too far away

  2. OH my!!! That Z World Detroit looks like scary-crazy-fun!

    I loved the preview that TWD showed of Michonne getting the aspirin. She kicked serious a$$. Awesome!

  3. I don't fear zombies. I live in WV. Even grandma is armed.

  4. Interesting. . .I will definitely be clicking the link to find out more!


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