Thursday, July 12, 2012

Big Brother 14

I'm a HUGE Big Brother fan!!! And this year I will be no different. My kids love the show as well and we are all OVERLY awaiting tonight's start as the summer officially begins.

The Cast Line Up...

Ashley Iocco
26, is a Owner of a Mobile Spray Tanning Company from West Hollywood, California.

Danielle Murphee
23, is a Nurse from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Another Danielle; hopefully this one didn't bring her dad.

Frank Eudy
28, is unemployed and lives in Naples, Florida and is the son of wrestler Sidney Raymond Eudy, often referred to as Sid Vicious.

Ian Terry
21, is an Engineering Student at Tulane University from New Orleans, Louisiana.
Engineering ... you don't say?!
Jennifer "Jenn" Arroyo
37, is a musician and a former bass player for the female metal group Kittie from Brooklyn, New York.
Jodi Rollins
42, is a restaurant server from Calipatria, California.

Joe Arvin
41, is a Chef from Schererville, Indiana.
Home state represented! Come on Indiana
Josephine "JoJo" Spatafora
26, is a Bartender from Staten Island, New York.
Kara Monaco
29, is a Model from Los Angeles, California. She was on the covers of the June 2005 and June 2006 issues of Playboy and was the 2006 Playboy Playmate of the Year.

Shane Meaney
26, is a house flipper from Bennington, Vermont.

Hope his last name doesn't actually convey what's to come.
Wil Heuser
24, is a marketing consultant from Louisville, Kentucky.

Not to be rude but at first I thought this "dude looks like a lady" but he's super cute!
Willie Hantz
34, is a tankerman from Dayton, Texas. He is the brother of former Survivor contestant Russell Hantz.
Call me crazy but I love the Hantz brothers!

And the RETURNING House Guest

Britney Haynes
24, is a Hotel Sales Manager from Huntington, Arkansas. She previously competed in Big Brother 12, where she placed 4th.

Dan Gheesling
28, is a Catholic High School Teacher from Dearborn, Michigan. He previously competed in Big Brother 10, where he was crowned the winner over runner-up Memphis Garrett.


Janelle Pierzina
32, is a VIP Cocktail Waitress from Miami Beach, Florida. She previously competed in Big Brother 6 and Big Brother: All-Stars, where she placed 3rd in both seasons.
Can't wait for this #1 POV & HoH winner to come back!
Mike "Boogie" Malin
Bar Owner from Los Angeles, California. He previously competed in Big Brother 2 where he placed 8th and Big Brother: All-Stars where he was crowned the winner over runner-up, Erika Landin.
Another big fat "UGH"

Let the summer games begin
Do you already have a favorite?
Which returning house guest is your favorite?


  1. Haha. I love how excited you are. To be honest, I don't know what this show is about. Oops :)

  2. Oh I haven't watched Big Brother since the very early seasons of it. Maybe I should resurrect it on the lineup

  3. Oh, and PS: Love the new look :D

  4. I haven't watched BB is so long. Love that you're a fan. :)
    I can't believe Boogie's back. Shouldn't he be the first one eliminated?

  5. I'm not excited for BB this year. Maybe that's a good thing lol. Or maybe I'll get back into it as the season progresses. We shall see.

    Like the new header. :)

    1. Okay... I watched most of it last night with Lenny, and liked it. I love the new changes they've made so far so I think I'll be watching it/DVR-ing it now. :)
      Plus, a Hantz brother winning the first HOH is awesome.


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