Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Walking Dead Valentine

Ok, so, if you don't know me by now (you will never never never know me). Oops sorry, got cought up in a song. Anyways, yesterday was the mother-load of all that's golden in the world - hearts, flowers, and love making, right?!? Well I decided to save my Valentines Day festivities until today. Why? Because today is Wednesday and what do "they" say about Wednesday? Hump Day! Get it? I know, I know - bad joke.

Yesterday I went to my Facebook page and low and behold there's a Valentines card from one of my fellow Walking Dead alumni. What did the card say...

Sweetest thing I heard all day, if I do say so myself.

So in return (cause you always return the favor) I sent her...

I mean - who couldn't love that face?

But don't fret my zombie lovin' friends, their are two more I'm sending to all of you...

Now some of you might be thinking - What a freak!
Or maybe - That's my kind of girl!
Or - Where is my unfollow button!
But in all fairness I am adorable!

I am suprised however that I'm not walking around with a name tag that says...
Because most men probably wouldn't stay with a girl that requested this for Valentines...

But lucky for me - he loves The Walking Dead and zombies as much as I do. Well maybe he doesn't love them, but I'd like to think he does.
Hope all of you have a wonderful - Post Valentine's Day - day.



  1. Haha. This is hilarious. Those would be the kind of valentines I would send ;)

  2. Those are funny and oh so creepy. Great combo!

  3. LOL! LOVE the Valentines, especially the last one :)

  4. I haven't seen the last one yet. These are great!

  5. This is so awesome, even though I'm more of a unicorn girly girl than a zombie girl. But don't get me wrong, I like zombies, too... haha :D

  6. I think most guys would love a girl who's into zombies. Besides, everyone knows: zombies rule.

  7. That second one is my future husband. Just sayin', he's hot :P

  8. I want the T-shirt! Any extra ones of those laying around? :)


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