Friday, May 24, 2013

Let's Celebrate TGIF

I sat down to type out my tribute of celebrations hosted by VikLit and along the way I was sidetracked. Go figure. Then I sat here some more trying to comprehend why I was here in the first place and remembered I was to blog about my little triumphs this week. *face palm* It's been one of those weeks. TGIF. People. TGIF.

I don't know if they are all celebrations but I will just tell you what I've been up to - kind of like my little dirty diary entry except I'll leave out all the perverted stuff. I know - what fun is that.
  • This week a co-worker had her baby and the kids and I went up to see her and him. His name is Camden and he is about the most adorable thing you've ever seen. You know how some babies are just NOT cute whatsoever. Well he is actually very adorable! My little "baby" cried cause she wanted to take him home and then asked me to have one. Ummm, no, that ain't gonna happen! Nadda, zip, zilch!
  • My 13 yr old daughter had her braces adjusted and her overbite is corrected but now she has a slight underjet-or-something-or-other. You know how some kids just have to pull their teeth together with those rubber bands, well she has to make a "box" on one side of her mouth with a rubber band that loops through these metal brackets and then on the other side she has to make a "triangle". These rubber bands are called "Rabbits". So strange, and apparently very difficult to put them on which I hear about constantly. She is in this filming class so besides eating and brushing her teeth, she takes the rubber bands off for filming also cause she can't open her mouth very far to talk (which I like - lol) and she needs to talk for her filming class. Blah, blah, blah... you get the point.
  • I've been on this diet for a month and a half and I've lost inches but not many lbs. and I'm ok with that but these shakes tastes like a$$. Not that I know what behinds taste like, I'm just assuming. *takes a sip - shutters with disgust*
  • When driving to work this morning the sun was starting to rise which is very strange for the time I come into work. That is the first time its happened and I don't like it one bit. I'm quite nocturnal that early in the morning and would presume to keep it that way. I kept looking at my dash clock assuming I was running late to work.
  • I'm going muddin', 4 wheeling style tomorrow so I'm super excited about that!  
  • And the other day I took about 50 shutter pictures of my daughters horseplaying and they were cracking me up. I'm going to put them into a Shutterfly book. Here are just a few...
 The oldest one starts it but the little one usually ends it. Lmao!

    Oh you're smilin' huh
    Well we'll put an end to that



  1. Aw! Babies are so cute. But other people's babies ;)
    I just bought a new swim suit for our vacation this morning, so your shake thing hit home. Still, if it tastes that bad. . .

  2. Great pics, what a fun record to have.

  3. Other people's babies are making me very broody at the moment. I only have one and she's asking for a brother or sister. Not sure what daddy thinks though ...

    Have fun muddin'!

  4. I LOVE the name Camden! Your daughter could learn to mumble. lol

  5. LOL. Your kids pictures made me smile--hearing the giggles in my head that go with such a scene. There's nothing better than family, eh?

  6. My niece keeps asking my sister for a sibling.

    Great pictures...I love those shutterfly books.

  7. Awesome pictures. Your girls, even fighting, are gorgeous.

    I think most babies come out looking like aliens... One of my daughters came out a horrendous blue color and reminded me a bit of Megamind. LOL

    Have a great weekend. Enjoy that mud hopping!

  8. What a couple of cutie pies!

    Don't worry about the scale numbers as long as your clothes are fitting better (looser)!

    Best of luck :)

  9. Beautiful girls!

    Hey, I believe you on the taste of the shakes... it sounds like a good description to me lol
    Awww a baby! They are soooo adorable, and its just so cool when you get to go home and leave them where they are loI I mean, I have to deal with 2yr old twins so yeah... I'm quite happy leaving other babies behind :D

  10. Your kids are gorgeous! I'm sorry your daughter has to go through braces woes, but hopefully in a few years, she'll have a even more beautiful smile to show for it. :-)

  11. Too cute! Enjoy your muddin!

  12. Aww, fantastic pictures! Your daughters are too cute...

  13. I wish I could see the sun on my way to work. It stays in bed until I've been working for awhile. I only have one kid at home these days and she is almost never home. So my dogs wrestle instead!

  14. Bands on teeth, horseplaying kids, butt tasting diet! what a week for you. Go get muddy and celebrate! Writer’s Mark

  15. What adorable pics. Sounds like a week and a half for you! TGIF!

  16. Such cute pics!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog during the blitz last Monday. I hope you're feeling better now.

    Have a great week! I hope it's a little less busy for you. :)

  17. Love the pics, your girls are adorbz! Aw, hope your 13 year old's doing ok with all the rubber bands! I remember having to use them with my braces too, all those years ago. So not fun!
    Some Dark Romantic


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