Friday, May 17, 2013

Best/Worst Movie Blogfest & Monster Madness Day 7

Remakes added more for my viewing pleasure

The Best and Worst Movie Remakes Blogfest is today. Hosted by:
Alex J. Cavanaugh 
Stephen Tremp
Father Dragon Al 
Livia Peterson 

Remakes – Best
  • Cape Fear
  • Clash of the Titans
  • The Crazies
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • 3:10 to Yuma
  • Let Me In
  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Oceans Eleven
I enjoyed these, don't get me wrong, but they didn't add anything.
My expectations were high and I was disappointed.

Remakes – Worst Should-Have-Left-Well-Enough-Alone
  • Arthur
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Footloose
  • House of Wax
  • Karate Kid
  • The Omen
  • Red Dawn
  • The Wolfman

Best Song Remake: Shinedown version of Simple Man, however, I don't like it any better than the original.
Worst Song Remake: Don't get me wrong, I like Rap and R&B but it really bothers me when an R&B or Rap artist butchers a classic. Instead of splicing bits and pieces of the original... can you just cover the whole dang song?!

Today is the last day for the 2nd Annual May Monster Madness! Hosted by Annie Walls and her blogger buddies, Emma @ Little Gothic Horrors, and Ked @ Something Wicked this Way Comes.

How does May Monster Madness work? Well, it's a blog hop featuring posts about monsters! Anything you can think of as long as it has something to do with monsters... and I'm sad to see it go. :`(

This week I featured:
Saturday, May 11 - Urban Legends
Sunday, May 12 - The Descent creatures
Monday, May 13 - Mutants
Tuesday, May 14 - The Creeper
Wednesday, May 15 - Vampires
Thursday, may 16 - Zombies
Today my monster post is more on the "haha" side.



Celebrate the Small Things over at VikLit is also here today...

What I'm celebrating this week...
  • My husband won tons of mullah at the slots last Friday night. He had a great birthday!
  • Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne is a great read! I highly recommend it. Book 2 Monument 14 Sky of Fire will be released soon!
  • Started reading The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Have a great weekend! Watch a few good remakes, listen to some music, read a book, and keep the monsters at bay!


  1. I was SO disappointed with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (my favorite movie as a kid!) I love the saying with the monster paying the rent. I wonder if my monster will do that? And Happy belated birthday to your husband! (Busy post ;) )

  2. I didn't know The Crazies was a remake! Great flick!

    Cookie Monster was my fave character as a kid so I love that you gave him a shout out. :)

  3. Busy day for you.

    I saw Red Dawn when I was younger and loved it. Haven't seen the remake, and now I won't bother.

  4. Some good choices on your list, while some I haven't seen. I thought about Cape Fear as well. Loved De Niro in that--especially the scene in the movie theater.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  5. Gotta admit I agree with your worst list but not so much on the best.

    Nice to meet you.

  6. Ha, you space looks different. I said nice to meet you and then went back to the top and saw your picture. I know you. Nice to see you again.

  7. You always make me smile, Dani. I loved the haha sides of monsters. You're the first one I meet that says she liked the remake of Clash of the Titans but I'm glad to know I'm not alone with the Karate Kid one. thank you for participating in the blogfest! :)

  8. Totally agree with the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake. I've watched it once but will stick to the original, thank you very much.

  9. YEAH! I picked Red Dawn as the worst remake too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so.

  10. great lists! i need to add willie wonka to my worst remakes! ugh!
    and looove your monster pics! ha! great friday laughs!
    and fun, profitable celebrations!
    have a sweet weekend!

  11. I saw Clash of the Titans on someone else's 'worst' list but, for me, it wasn't that bad. I agree that it was a decent remake. Also, another (this makes about the fifth or sixth) shout out for Ocean's 11 (which is on my 'best' list too)...I guess that was a popular one :)

  12. I still have nightmares that show the disappointment that shrouded my heart after I saw one of my favorite actors ruining one of my favorite movies. Chocolate will never taste the same in bed *sigh*

  13. Great lists. And I absolutely love the monsters list!

  14. Love the monster pick with the titanic!
    Your lists are really interesting . . I think it's interesting that Karate Kid ends up on different lists on different people's sites.

  15. Dawn of the Dead was my husband's pick. :) It was pretty great.
    And I love Cookie Monster. ;)

  16. Would you believe that the rent is due quote gave me a story idea? I'm so weird! The Cookie Monster pic nearly killed me. With laughter. Let Me In is on my list as well! Cape Fear and Dawn of the Dead are definitely great remakes in my opinion. I have to disagree with you on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I think both the original and this remake are great movies in their own right. But I agree with most of your worst/not the best list. Especially The Omen remake. Talk about crucifying a horror classic. Thanks for sharing.

  17. So far the boys don't like the new Clash, but the girls do. teehee

    LOL to your monsters!

  18. I completely agree that Karate Kid should have been left alone. Changing the scenery and age group totally ruined the original feeling.

  19. I picked Karate Kid as my worst remake as well--just because I liked the original better. I love Jackie Chan but Miyagi-san still rocks.

  20. Footloose and The Omen definitely should have been on my list. OMG, dreadful!

  21. By splicing, you mean like sampling? My wife loves Zeppelin's Kashmire and was horrified when some rap band sampled it.
    Thanks for participating in our blogfest, Dani!

  22. I loved Let Me In. It's one of those where you say "I wish I'd written that!" And "The Wolfman" remake was just embarrassing. Great movie pics -- I'm sorry the MMM is over too -- and yay for your hubby's birthday bucks! :-)

  23. Loved Ocean's Eleven remake and I think I didn't see most of the other ones, so that's as far as my comment goes on that subject lol

    Yay for hubby winning, glad he had a great birthday ;)

  24. YAY to winning on the slots!

  25. I forgot they remade Red Dawn. I guess I should keep forgetting...

    Sounds like your husband had a great birthday. :)

  26. We just rented RED DAWN a couple weeks ago. Holy cow, how did that dog ever get made? The acting was painful to watch!

  27. Great choices and well done in their presentation. I agree with all of your selections!

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  28. I agree with most of your Bests and all of your Worsts.

    And I love the Cookie Monster.

  29. I agree with Arthur and Footloose! Arthur was horrible. Footloose was very predictable and disappointing.

  30. The Little Shop of Horrors remake is a lot of fun, but I think I will always prefer the original just a little bit more!

    And LOL, love that Cookie Monster pic!

  31. Those monster pictures are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

  32. That's a lot of blog fests. I came for the movies, but honestly, I loved the monsters.


  33. I loved The Crazies and Let Me In too. Did you watch the Swedish original?

  34. We have a lot of movies in common. Loved the original Arthur. The remake pit the ic in pathetic. A terrible movie I could not watch.

  35. Oh yeah, those worst remakes were horrible! Especially Arthur. It was a tragedy what they did to it. Love your monster pics!

  36. Oceans Eleven was a brilliant remake, and The Omen was such a classic....why do they feel a need to attempt a remake that can only cower in the shadow of the original? :)

  37. Winning a lot of mullah is always a fun thing to celebrate! As is finishing one good book and anticipating the release of another!

    Stopping by from the CTST hop!

    Brandy's Bustlings

  38. I forgot all about Karate Kid; you're right. That one was terrible.

  39. I haven't seen most of these, either remake or original. I did watch the original KK last night and still love it, which is why I have avoided the remake!

  40. Reading through you list, I had some "that's true" and "no ways" as with every other blog doing these blog hops, but I must say, I've got to remember to check out your The Descent post. That was a great movie. Nice celebrations too. Writer’s Mark

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