Monday, May 6, 2013

Express Yourself - April or AtoZ

It's May which means those flowers should be blooming and Express Yourself Meme is picking back up after the A to Z Challenge. Jackie and I are super excited to be "back in business".

As stated above, this weeks question: What was the best part of the AtoZ Challenge? If you didn't participate, then what was the best part of April?

Since I did partake in the challenge, my favorite part was probably visiting my most adored bloggers. I mean let's face it, we all have them, those blogging friends that we visit first cause we know they are going to have the best posts of the day.

The second best thing was getting comments because let's be honest with ourselves, that's why we are doing this right? To participate in something fun, in which we can gain more supporters and hopefully friends. What is not better than reading comments on what you had to contribute to the blogosphere?

What was your most primo part of AtoZ or April? Please share!

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  1. I'm surprised bloggers who participated aren't on some extended vacation to recover from the insanity of it all. :D

    I didn't participate, but I can't answer the April question. It went by in a blur. I can't remember it. How sad is that? :(

  2. You just spoke my thoughts. Yes, I enjoyed reading my favorite bloggers. Unfortunately for this kind of event, I have too many favorite to read them all on daily basis. I confess I failed on those regards. I tried to alternate them so I could visit all during April but I did miss some posts. That's one of the main reasons next year, I only plan to be audience.

  3. Meeting new bloggers and my blog hitting and passing the 200 follower mark. Glad I took part.

  4. Yeah, we all have our favorite bloggers. I enjoyed the fact that during the challenge I got to meet a couple of new bloggers who are poised to become some of my favorites.

  5. Best part? Meeting wonderful bloggers and making new blogger friends! And of course, reading everyone's exciting posts throughout the month!

  6. I enjoyed reading all my favorite blogs too - tons of great stuff. I just wish had more time to get to ALL of them. I wonder if there's a super power for blogging?

  7. Hey, Dani! Blog 7 doesn't exist anymore.

  8. Learning new things was my fave part of the challenge. :)

  9. It was a great challenge, and your answers. Some blogs seemed to hit my spot, and was just sad I couldn't visit as often as I'd have liked.

    I'd love to do this meme, but there's too much already and I need to get some writing time in somehow! :) Writer’s Mark


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