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I’m married to a wonderful man who is almost 4 years my junior. He is everything I want in a lifetime companion - my soulmateMy kids are everything to me; they are the reason I live and breath everyday. And they even help make my writing special by contributing ideas and helping with plot holes.

So far I have started 5 WIP’s and none of them leave me alone; prone to writing YA, paranormal, with a touch of horror.

My main focus for my blog is in it's title, I will Entertain any Interests.
I am a co-blogger @ Cover Girls with my soultwin of 20+ years, Jackie aka Jax. Jackie also blogs @ Bouquet of Books.
Cover Girls main focus is books. We host the occasional blogfest/hop but our love is for books and their covers. They say to never judge a book by it's cover but lets be honest, it happens so why not make your book cover the best it can be.
I went to college majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology (Juvenile Correctional Rehibilitation Officer). Now I work in the medical grade wire industry as a Engineering Spec Specialist.
My next goal in life... well, that is still to be written.

Reading interests: Dystopian/Utopian, Apocalyptic, Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal
I always have my nose stuck in a book, or an audiobook playing in my ear. That's my new obsession - audiobooks. Sure you get the occasional dreary reader but when you get a great one... the book ends up being better than if I read it.

Interests: Reading, Writing, Tats, Crafting, Beta-ing, Spending time with my hubby and kids, Movie night, Dinner dates, Girl dates, My fave Tv Shows (Walking Dead, Vikings, Sleepy Hollow, UFC, The 100, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Real Housewives, The Strain, etc)

My guilty pleasure: WWE; Raw and Smackdown. I used to watch WWF when I was younger and for most of my grownup life I have not been excited about it. However, the love of my life finds it as thoughtless entertainment so I've picked up watching it with him. I recently even attended a Smackdown show and found it VERY thrilling!!
My contact info is below if you would like to get ahold of me for any reasons ranging from Book/Cover Reveals to Beta-ing to Chatting.

Contacting Me
Twitter: @danibertrand
GoodReads: Danielle Bertrand
Cover Girls Blog: Cover Girls


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  1. Hey Dani! I just wanted to give you a heads up that I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award and I'm leaving you the short link here. It should be going live any minute. Hugs to you!! Eva


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