Zombie Survival Kit & Crew Blogfest

Our joyous excitement for The Walking Dead premiere on October 12th hasreanimated another blogfest idea for the vivacious trio:

Zombie Apocalypse: Survival kit & Crew

Post date: Friday, October 10th (cause no one wants to post on show day!)

To help build your zombie apocalypse dream team and survival kit, you will need to pick ONE person and/or ONE item for each of the topics listed in the below categories.

(Items you already have on your person: undergarments, shirt, bottoms, socks, tennis shoes & a backpack. If you want special shoes and/or boots, jackets, belt, etc.; those are extra and will need to be listed for one of your items below.)

And since this bloghop is all about having fun, if you have kiddos, we can assume they are safely tucked away in a safe haven somewhere while we’re out in the world fighting off zombies so do not worry.

*The Walking Dead character is the only one that needs to be from a zombie themed entertainment outlet, but please feel free to choose characters from your other favorite books/movies/tv. They may or may not be zombie related. It's all up to you. Just let your imagination flow!

With the characters below, please include the book, movie & TV show your characters are from.

1 TWD character
1 book character
1 movie character
1 TV character (other than TWD)
1 loved one
1 friend
1 freebie

1 comfort item
1 weapon
1 luxury item
1 food item
1 medicine/first aid item
1 hygiene item
1 freebie

Cause of it
Cure (if applicable)
1 item you NEED to find
1 item you WANT to find
Method of travel

Please display the badge on your blog and join us on Friday, October 10th to build your zombie apocalypse dream team and kit.

And most of all HAVE FUN and BE CREATIVE as you want!

Sign up below so we can all hop to others Posts!!

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