Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Monster Madness - Day 5

Today is Day 5 of the 2nd Annual May Monster Madness! Hosted by Annie Walls and her blogger buddies, Emma @ Little Gothic Horrors, and Ked @ Something Wicked this Way Comes.

How does May Monster Madness work? Well, it's a blog hop featuring posts about monsters! Anything you can think of as long as it has something to do with monsters... crafts, lists, movies, funnies... anything!

I'm sitting here whoofing down an egg and ham McMuffin and Coke... breakfast of champions, pondering how I forgot my breakfast and cell on the counter at home - again. Ah yes, I have kids, lack of sleep cause the 3 yr old didn't want to sleep (she is a little monster in her own right), and apparently I'm human *gasp* and this sort of crap happens. Anyways...

If you've been around lately then you know Saturday I highlighted Urban Legend monsters, Sunday was The Descent, Monday featured Mutants, and yesterday The Creeper graced my page. Today, Vampires will be stopping by. And not the kind who sparkle. Or the Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise lookers either. I'm talking about the Alaskan kind.

30 Days of Night is not only a three-part mini series but was also made into an film in 2007. Which later spawned a few more projects. Vamps, who are sensitive to sunlight, search out Barrow, Alaska as the 30 days of night draws near. Once the month long darkness takes hold, nothing but murder and feeding thrives. Sheriff, Eben Oleson, has to inject himself to keep the rest of the survivors safe.

Yes! A blood facial. So good for the skin.

Someone needs an Orthodontist. Stat!

*swallows hard* He. Freaks. Me. Out!

Have you encountered 30 Days of Night - whether it's the movie or an Alaskan trip? What opinions would you like to share about it?

Tomorrow - I will share my favorite monster and I'm sure to many of you it's no surprise.


  1. I really loved this film... it's one of those ones that you think of weeks... months... even years later and of course it has a fellow Aussie in it, Melissa George! I look forward to your posts every day!
    Here's my day V MMM at Design du Jour.

  2. I do remember see this. And I remember liking it too. Wicked for sure. :)

  3. Blood facials and baths seem to be the cool thing in some creepy circles.

  4. Those are scary vampires. Sully and Mike Wasowsky are the only kind of monsters I like. Not much of the monster type dragon, I guess.

  5. I really enjoyed this movie, and I think it had a great premise. I'm not fond of sparkly or pretty-boy vamps either, and the "30 Days of Night" ones certainly weren't that. They were really smart and scary. Yikes! :-)

  6. The movie had some of the scariest vampires ever. I live in Jamaica thank goodness. Loads of sun.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie,
    it's a favourite of mine, one I've
    had to watch more than once!

    Thank you for posting : )

    My MMM post for today - The Ghoul

    Enjoy your day : )

  8. This was the last vampire movie I watched and I still get nightmares from it at times. It really had some freaky vampires!

  9. Oh my gosh, I haven't seen this movie. Where has it been hiding? Quick, checking my Netflix!

  10. I have a hard time with vampires. Very rarely do I come across a vampire story I actually like, so I've just started avoiding them all together.

  11. I must see the movie! 30 days of night? It must be well past the arctic circle.
    Evalina, This and that...

  12. I've seen the movie and really enjoyed it! The '30 Days of Night' vamps are some of the most vicious I can think of and the premise of the story, being isolated and in darkness for a month, was creepily awesome.

  13. I really enjoyed 30 Days of Night the movie. I was a bit frustrated that they didn't do something more interesting with the end though. Not the whole sacrifice part - I liked that a lot, I mean the bit where he just sits in the sun.
    Tasha's Thinkings

  14. I loved 30 days of Night. There is also a Swedish movie with the same premise; Frostbiten. Though the story is different.


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