Thursday, May 30, 2013

Heroes & Villains - Yes it's Still Happening

It’s Thirsty Thursday! Well… it’s Thursday in the least and what does that mean exactly? Uh, hmm, nothing really except it’s exactly a week from the Heroes & Villains Blogfest!! Whoop whoop!

Do you have your Hero thinking cape on? (Yes, I meant that)
How about your evil Villain scheming wheel spinning?

·         On June 6th post who your favorite Heroes and Villains are.
·         You may list as many, or as little, as you like.
·         Be creative with it: videos, art, pictures, lists, etc.
·         And most of all - HAVE FUN!

We are super excited and look forward to all of your posts!


  1. I tried to enter my link, and found out I had already entered! I tell you, memory farts are nasty little buggers! :) Writer’s Mark

  2. Looking forward to it and already have some candidates lined up :)

  3. Oh, this blog hop sounds fun! I'll have to think about entering...

  4. This sounds really fun! I wish I had a bit more time so I could join in.:( I love your bloghops, so hopefully I can get in on the next one!

  5. I believe it's no secret what super hero this girl loves! LOL Sounds like a fun blog hop to join...

  6. ATM, I'm busy nailing down heroes and villains for my new WIP and trying to get down some notes for the outline. (Or actually, I'm commenting on blogs and surfing the net ... but I'll get to work soon. No, really, I will. Right after I check Facebook. And maybe Goodreads...)


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