Friday, June 22, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Or Do They

Victoria and Jaycee are at it again! Their "Oh, My Hero!" Blog Hop was such a huge hit; they have decided to grace us with yet another awesome bloghop! Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Bloghop is today.

How it Works: Interview a heroine of your manuscript, novel, or WIP by a fellow female counterpart also from one of your written works.  Your featured heroine can be interviewed by her best friend, a heroine from another one of your written works, a sister, the opportunities are endless!

Well I have two heroines: twins; Reese and Rena. These names may seem familiar ‘cuz I have written about them before on several posts.

Reese is from the 21st century while Rena is from the 19th century. So how are they twins, well I guess you'll have to buy the book when I'm done with it... whenever that might be. Also, when you see the word flash, it doesn't mean to lift your shirt.
I hope you like them as much as I do….


“For crying out loud, it’s hot out here! Why did you say you needed to meet me?”

“I didn’t say, but really Rena, can’t you do anything without complaining?”

“Uhm. No. It’s in my nature. If I'd known you were taking us to the Mojave Desert I wouldn’t have worn my petticoat.”

“I don’t know why you wear that hideous thing anyways. It’s so ugly. Besides I wanted to talk. Aren’t you interested in getting to know me at all?”

“Reese, we may be sisters, but that doesn’t mean I’m automatically curious about you. We grew up in two totally different worlds –”


“Don’t interrupt it’s rude. And stop twirling your hair. It’s annoying. Like I was saying, I’ve lived without you for seventeen years so getting to know you now seems pointless. Plus, I really don’t do girl talk.”

“Who says I brought you out here to talk about boys? Maybe I just want to spend time with you.”

“Really? So you don’t want to know what kind of guy I fancy?”

“Well since you brought it up. What kind of guy do you fancy?”

“How do you know if I even like guys?”

“What! Do you like girls then?”

“If the right one comes along.”

“So your –”

“Bisexual? Yes.”

“Huh. So have you ever –”

“Had sex with one? No, I’m attracted to them on an emotional level. Oh my Lord. You don’t mind if I take my boots off? I have, like, a pound of sand in them.”

“Do whatever you want but please keep your shirt and tights on. Why did you wear all of this crap anyways?”

“Put my coat down! I assumed when you said picnic you were thinking Niagara Falls or someplace comfortable. I didn’t think you’d flash us out here.”

“Thank Jeezus I didn't do Niagara Falls! Since you fancy girls and all. I wouldn’t want you thinking I was hitting on you.”

“Ha ha very funny. I like guys too you know.”

“What’s your type? I’m thinking mean, bar brawling, peg-legged.”

“Screw you Reese. I like someone who’s smart, looks sexy in a kilt –”


“Damn, don’t choke on your food. You heard me. A kilt. And if he is missing a leg I hope he replaces it with a mechanical one. The only wood I want him sporting is–”

“Yeah! Yeah! I get! Sheesh, for someone who doesn’t like to do girl talk you sure are chatty.”

“Uh, wha-, oh whatev. What about you? What kind of guy do you like?”

“My lips are sealed.”

“Well, shit!”


  1. Nice. I love reading these. This is my third one this morning. Well done. :)

  2. Great dialogue. Love the way the girls bounce off one another.

  3. Okay, I definitely want to know more about the twins from different centuries. How in the world do you do that?

  4. Hahaha, this is fantastic dialogue! I too want to know how these twins from different centuries came to be, and how they found each other. Very intriguing premise!

  5. Very interesting premise! Sounds great. :)

  6. Little known fact: EYES ON FIRE is one of my favorite songs! So I guess Rena's going to be my favorite twin. ;-) And I totally want to read this book. HOW do you connect twins from different centuries!? So crazy and awesome!

  7. Cool concept, loved the opposite personalities in the twins. Great entry!

  8. This is a really cool twist on time travel - twins from different centuries?! I hope you finish the book soon so we can hear the whole story :)

  9. Wow, I'm totally fascinated - twins, but from different times? Too cool!

    "looks sexy in a kilt..." God, yes!

    Thanks for participating! :D

  10. Intriguing! Finish - so we can read :)

  11. I love stuff with twins!!! And I'd be friends with these girls. :D They sound like me and you. LOVE it.

  12. Kilt, yes! But only if he's got the legs. ^_~

  13. haha! I love the comment about the "wood" so great, Danielle :D

  14. I love the time travel aspect. Very neat idea:)

  15. They sound so cool. And now I seriously want to know how they're twins from different centuries. No hint at all?


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