Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Want Some Blood - Truely

While I am going from blog to blog, reading the First Fight excerpts; I thought I would post about a fun little magazine I received in the mail. But before I do that just a few reminders…
You still have time to post your first fight scene but NO later than today. And don’t forget to post your First Kiss tomorrow, Thursday the 14th.
Don’t forget to visit the other participants. If you love it – let them know. If not – find something nice to say.
Remember we have prizes (2 each (1 fight/1 kiss)– yeah that’s 4 prizes all together) we find titillating!  LMAO!!
OKAY… on with more titillating fun!
Sooooo, I receive my ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY in the mail and who greets me but… Eric himself!

I drool and then turn the page…
Oh the $$$ I would pay to collect them all!
And 11 of the hottest vamps, weres, fairies, mediums, villains, shifters, and the mentally challenged (did I get them all) staring at me.
It's so hard to pick my favorites cuz they are all hard-bodied wannabe-wit-them lovers.

Pa-lease! If any one of these delicious sexpots climbed into your window at night I don't think you'd turn them away. Would you?

I swing in the way of men like Layafette but "damn bitches" I would welcome these women!

Pam is by far my fav female and I'd want her to be my maker any day.

Hmm... I wonder if Alcide would settle for a plain human to bed with.

Oh well. On to the other photos I snapped (yes I used my iPhone instead of stealing them online)...

Why in the sam hell is Eric so far in the back like he's a wall flower?!
(never thought I would say this, but click on the pic it gets bigger for better viewing) *giggles*

Do you see that very alluring dark skinned lover to the right. Look hard... I know it's a small picture but do you know who that is? That is the recently killed off Spartacus doctore - Oenomaus (Peter Mensah as Kibwe) - love him! So excited he has joined the True Blood family.

And of course the most anticipated newbie (standing)... Christopher Meloni as Roman.

The kid at the table? That's Jacob Hopkins. He plays Alexander or dubbed as the "troublemaker". He was turned at the young age of 9 but is far from it.

Channeling Lafayette ... See you (for the second and final installment of our blogfest) tomorrow bitches!


  1. Ooh, the sexiness! I love Pam, also. She's so awesome! And Eric and Alcide! Yum!

    1. I know. *fans self* I keep looking at this to help me through the day!

  2. So... this has nothing to do with True Blood, but the Entertainment mag reminded me... do you still have the Adam Levine one that were going to give me? *Please say yes. Please say yes*

  3. I certainly wouldn't kick Alcide or Jessica out of bed. I hope we get lots more shirtless/ naked Alcide this season.

  4. Your iPhone photos cracked me up, but I did not have to enlarge them to get a better view. I, too, have been ogling my own copy of that magazine over the last few days, though mine has Jessica on the cover. If you REALLY wanted to try to collect them all, I could mail it to you... maybe... I'll probably have to pry it out of my husband's cold, dead hands first.


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