Monday, January 16, 2012

Which MidSeason TV Show are You Most Exicited About?


With a fresh crop of television joining the prime-time rotation, we wondered: Which NEW or RETURNING series tops your must-see list? The Broadway lovers out there declare a Smash hit.

21% SMASH (Feb. 6 series premiere, NBC)

14% ALCATRAZ (Jan. 16 series premiere, FOX)

10% 30 ROCK (Jan. 12 season premiere, NBC)

8% JUSTIFIED (Jan. 17 season premiere, FX)

7% THE WALKING DEAD (Feb. 12 midseason premiere, AMC)

6% AMERICAN IDOL (Jan. 18 season premiere, FOX)

4% CELEBRITY APPRENTICE (Feb. 12 season premiere, NBC)

3% PRETTY LITTLE LIARS (returned Jan. 2, ABC Family)


What are some of the shows you are excited about? Maybe they end up in the 27%!

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