Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Of My Favorite Accessories


The victorian "wallpaper" look is classic and clean.

My fav season is Autumn so this is a no-brainer on my part.

The colors and the eligance makes this sparkle. It can be wore with silver and gold accents.

Love love love. These are so cute and who wouldn't want to wear them to a ball game!

Black Hills Gold gives any outfit a rich look. I love how this flows up the arm. Very Greek Goddess.

Another butterfly! (My fav) I love the authentic look of this. Like an actual butterfly molded itself around my wrist. Stunner!


Want want want. Butterflies of course; can you resist the petite elegance of it.

Ummm... HEL-LO! These are shin cuffs! I need them now. They will work with any "black -based" shoe.

Practical and cute. Plus super warm.

Who can go wrong with these. Wear them high or fold them down for a "kickin' back" look.

To die for. Need these. Cute and winter functional.

We can't forget about the classic, brown, fur boot.

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