Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Blogger/Reader

Top 10 Tuesday is a post hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week's topic is...

February 18: Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader...

I will list 5 for blogger and 5 for Reader, equally 10.

1. Community
2. Fellowship
3. Sharing my thoughts
4. Finding out about new books
5. Bloghops, fests, & A to Z Challenge

1. Being transported to another place
2. Meeting new and interesting characters
3. Falling in love over and over
4. Finding out I like more genres than I thought
5. Knowing every book is different for every reader


  1. Great list! I feel the same about blogging and reading. :)

  2. those are awesome!
    i esp like "knowing every book is different to every reader!"
    have a great thursday!

  3. I agree! Blogging is a fun way of community-building, and so important! :)

  4. You nailed it. Non-bloggers never understand.

  5. Do you have your A to Z Challenge theme yet?


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