Monday, October 28, 2013

Spooktoberfest... Continued

Today is the last day to sign up and/or post your Spooktoberfest entries if you haven't already. Midnight is the cutoff point. Click here to find out more!

Then Jackie and I will read and re-read the submissions until we dwindle it down to the ones we like the best. Or we cry it out cause there are SO MANY really great entries this year.

It is going to be hard to decide but of course there has to be 2 winners, one who Jax has chosen and one I have chosen...

You all have made it so hard!

But this post is about something fun I wanted to do. Jackie posted her Spooktoberfest entry on Friday and it really got my creative juices flowing and I thought it was so good, why not extend her piece a little bit.

Hope you guys like it (however, I did not include the chosen words since this is not an official Spooktoberfest entry but I did keep it within the 500 word count and included the original picture so you could picture the scene). Don't forget to read Jackie's piece first if you haven't already - here.


“Sydney!”  Trish screams.
I fight hard to get Lance’s jaw to unclamp from my leg but it is set like a snake, unwilling to let go until its prey is dead. Or undead in this case.
Trish kicks at Lance’s face, peeling back his flesh with each blow. “Give me the knife!” She yells, standing over me.
I hand it to her and as soon as it leaves my hand, she thrusts it straight into his skull. His jaw goes slack and I’m able to pull my calf out. It’s worse than I thought. Each blow Trish rendered to his face tore my muscle away from my leg.
“I have to cut it off,” I hear her whisper.
“Wha-what?” She’s shitting me right. There is no way I heard her correctly.
“I’m gonna try to cut it off.” Her eyes bore into mine. I can’t tell if she’s trying to hypnotize me into agreeing with her, or sending me pleading mind-messages.
“The muscle. You just mean the muscle, right?” A small hiccupped laugh escapes between my lips.
“No,” she whimpers and shakes her head.
I nod. It’s all I can do at this point. Nod. I can feel death come over me. The pain in my leg is gone now. Maybe it’s not death at all and adrenaline or endorphins, or whatever happens when your body goes into shock or is it because my sister is about to saw off my leg. I just want to pass the eff out. Can’t death just come and rescue me already? It’s my fault this happened in the first place.
“Sydney… Sydney?” Trish snaps her fingers in front of my face. “You ready?”
I nod. Again.
She starts right below the knee. I can hear her talking, saying things like, “smaller part of your leg”, “smaller bones to break.” Oh shit that’s a lot of blood. I’m going to bleed out before she’s even done. 
We can hear the pounding grow louder outside. They must smell the fresh blood. Trish looks down to the bottom of the steps. Tears stream down her pale cheeks. She reaches up to wipe them away but ends up smearing blood and tears across her face and into her hair.
“I’m done with the skin Sydney. Now I need to break the bones so I can separate the whole thing. Ok?” Her face looks strong for someone who’s about to mutilate her sister.
She pulls me towards the stairs, laying my now mangled leg down so the part she wants to break is over the empty area between the steps. She hesitates. “Ohmigod! DO IT! DO IT ALREADY!” I spout.
Trish hauls her right knee up to her chest, braces her hands on the banister, takes a deep breath and stomps her foot down so hard all I can hear is a “SNAP” and then she vomits all over me.
Nice, was the last thing I remember thinking, or maybe I actually said it, before passing out.

Hope you guys have a great Monday! Halloween in 3 days!


  1. This was a great addition to Jackie's fantastic story! Well done!

  2. Reminds me of when the doc on The Walking Dead lost his leg. But he had far better care than Sydney did. Cool horror story.

  3. Oooh. That's just wrong. Nicely done. :)

  4. Oh! Bravely done! Now, what happens next? You can't just tease us like this!

    Also, apologies for my late entry to Spooktoberfest! I'm hurrying around everyone as fast as I can!

  5. Holy sh--! That made me cringe. Oh, man...I do believe I'd let my sister become a zombie after reading that...well done!

  6. Thanks for adding to my story and giving it some props! Nice job here!

  7. A fine addition, yes. Cringeworthy as noted above. A good read.

  8. Ack! That was so exciting and so scary. Wow. Normally, I don't go in for zombie stuff but you did a fantastic job with the characterizations and action, and you sucked me right in. You and Jackie should write a whole novella together. Great writing! :-)

  9. OMG, what a scene! Kudos for making Spooktoberfest gory-licious! LOL

  10. Um, OUCH!

    But I want to know what happens after this. You have to write more now. :)


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