Thursday, October 3, 2013

IWSG & Thirty-One Loves of October

Geez Louise! I've been a day late on two post so far this week. It's a theme, what can I say.

So I haven't been feeling INSECURE lately. No, I'm not bragging... I just haven't been writing so there is nothing to feel insecure about I guess. Oh, but don't think I have been away from my writing or anything, I've been deeply involved in fact. But I haven't been writing in the "writing" sense.

I haven't added words to my manuscript, I have been adding inspiration. And no, that isn't a euphemism. I haven't added a single word. I can't. I can't find my muse... so I'm finding her in the glimpses of pictures - still frames.

In the place of letters and symbols that make up words and sentences, I am finding pictures which express the way I want to feel in a scene - what I'm picturing in my movie-reel-head.

She [picture of girl] walking through [picture of woods] looking for [picture of creature or boy]. But without the words. Do you get what I'm meaning? A storyboard but for a novel. My mind always works more like a movie than a book.


 And this is just a small snippet of the WIP I am working on. Have I piqued your curiosity? I posted a while back a Flash Fiction piece about Rena, her sister, and the Baquarat. Here you see Rena holding her spear trying to summon her "spirits", The Dark Forest with her "spirits" approaching, and the Baquarat.

Thirty-One Loves of October:
Day 3: Pumpkin Patches

Who doesn't love to rummage through a Pumpkin Patch to find the perfect orange, white, or multi-colored gourd? I'm not talking about the Smashing Pumpkins... I've seen them in concert and loved every minute it! - in 1996. Though watching someone actually smash a pumpkin would be right up my alley but unfortunately I'm young enough to have missed out on Gallagher but old enough to know who he is. My favorite part now is the looks on my kids' faces when they get the perfect "fit" for them. Large to small, mean looking to adorable and sweet. All so different and fun.

What's your favorite kind of gourd?


  1. Oooo... I LOVE those pics, Dani. Magic. And I know what you mean--I haven't been writing very much, so my insecurities aren't as high! LOL. :)

  2. Great idea Dani! I totally get you here. I'm a visual person, too, so those pictures are priceless.

  3. I have used pinterest to gather some images of characters or scenes in my novels as well. Including a necklace worn by the Maidens of Gore and a female who looks just like the sister of my MC in the final book in my novella series.

  4. Your mind is still working on it. And that's all right. It takes me a long time to form the idea in my head enough to write anything.

  5. Wow, those images are so evocative! Good luck being able to finally write some words. :)


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