Friday, October 11, 2013

Celebrate the Weekend

TGIF, TGIF! I could ask for anything more than it being a Friday! Too excited beyond words!! Thanks to VikLit for giving us this outlet to express our celebrations!

This weekend we have lots planned.

Zombie themed party tomorrow. The boys in the house are going as the classic zombie. The girls are going as Day of the Dead Spanish zombie heads.

Sunday Jackie and some other family members are coming over to make wreaths and then later that day my mother-in-law is taking the kids to some military families Halloween Haunted park.

I was not able to blog yesterday so I'm posting 4 things for my Thirty-One Loves of October.
Caramel Apple Suckers - YUM, these suckers are the best this time of year!
Orange - my second favorite color!
Hay rides - I love taking spooky hay rides through the woods or down a chilling road. Especially with a bunch of friends!
The Walking Dead - We have been waiting, what seems like FOREVER!, for this show to come back into our homes. My whole family gets all excited. We have watched all the trailers, the webisodes, the behind the scenes, etc. I have read the comics and the novel. We are huge fans!! Cannot wait for Sunday.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!


  1. It sounds like you have a fun weekend planned!

  2. Zombie party sounds like fun.

    Rhonda ~ Celebrating at Laugh Quotes

  3. Yay for Halloween parties, awesome costumes (post pics for us!!), and the new season of Walking Dead. I hope you have a great weekend! :-)

  4. Sunday night will be quite a night. Enjoy the zombie party and visiting the Haunted Park.

  5. Walking dead!!! And zombie themed party...awesome.

  6. Your party sound like fun, as does your weekend. You can't go wrong with zombies :)

  7. A zombie-themed party? Fun!

    Orange is one of my favorite colors, too! Glad to see someone else likes it, since it seems like such an underrated color...

  8. Have fun at your zombie party. Caramel apple suckers. Hmmmm.

  9. Sounds like lots of fun! Enjoy your celebrations. I did! Writer’s Mark


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