Friday, October 26, 2012

Spooktoberfest is Here

Jackie and I are so excited and we can't wait to read what you all have come up with! YAY!!

If you are late to party - don't worry you can check out the deets here or just click on the Page Tab button labeled SPOOKTOBERFEST. It's that simple. And once you have decided to participate; please sign up using the Linky Thingy and submit your piece no later than Midnight Oct. 29th.

Now I normally Flash Fiction scarier pieces but I wrote this last week when I was the carrier of a super sludge bug that didn't want to let go. So I wrote a more relaxed, humorous slice.


“What the hell just happened?” I asked, pulling cobwebs out of my hair.
“Those jerks locked us out,” Jackie huffed.
“Sonsabitches! This is the last time I’m going Trick-or-Treatin’ for them.”
“I have a key, hold on.” She tucked the broom under her arm and sat her cauldron full of candy, on the steps, next to my feet. “Let me dig in here,” she murmured, fumbling with her witch’s gown. “Got it!”
“Ouch! Watch it!” I covered my eye.
“What?” She glanced over her shoulder, causing me to back up so her broom didn’t knock me in the head again - to no avail.
“Ouch! Stop moving your broom! It's stuck in my hair now.”
She tugged anyways.
“Jeezus! Stop! The ends feel like razor blades.”
“Don’t be a baby. I got this! Just hold still.” She leaned in to get a better look.
“Jackie. Don’t. Move.”
Her eyes grew big with panic. “What? Why? Is something behind me?”
“No. My foot is stuck in your candy bucket.”
“What! Oh Lord, the kids are gonna kill you.” She giggled through clenched teeth. “Hold on let me get your foot unstuck first, then I’ll get my broom loose.
While she fiddled with that forsaken cauldron, I decided to mess with the broom instead of waiting. In my triumph I held the broom above my head shouting, “It’s OUT,” despite knocking down a ghost hanging from the tree above us.
“Ouch! Shit! What was that?” Jackie berated.
“Umm,” I held back laughter.
She backed away rubbing her head. “You've got to be kidding me!"
“Jackie watch out–”


“Crap!" She exhaled.

I tried to warn her. Little did she know, my jack-o-lantern, full of candy, had its mouth open, waiting for her foot.
“Correction. The kids are gonna kill us both.”

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The winners will be posted on HALLOWEEN! Wednesday, Oct. 31st. Jackie and I will each choose a winner. These two winners will be gifted with...
... PRIZES: A grab bag of spookified items and bag of their fave candy.


  1. LOL! This sounds like a true story! :D

  2. I love stories like that. And, well written, they can get confusing, but I was with you the whole time. Nice job.

  3. Very funny, it was easy to imagine it happening while reading through the story. Great job!

  4. Cute and comical story!
    I was thinking... is it our kids that locked us out or our men? LOL

  5. Love the funny! I think Halloween ends up being more funny than scary for most of us. Great story!

  6. hilarious! slapstick halloween mom style!

  7. This reminds me of going to the pumpkin patch and trying to keep my feet clean. Thanks for the story.

    Von L Cid

  8. Very fun story! Halloween definitely has a fun side, not just a spooky or scary side.

  9. Funny and with a great voice. I enjoyed this.

  10. Great story, Dani. You got me laughing while reading this one. See Halloween does not all have to be scarey:))

  11. Saying hello from your blog hop...Thanks for sharing your story!

  12. Great voice, was so funny :)

  13. Loved the story Dani. Great to see so many people entering the bloghop! At the moment, I have 132 words to edit out! Will be posting tomorrow sometime.



  14. ROTFL, what fun! Sounds just like the sort of nonsense I'd get up to! :-D
    Mina's Resurrection Blogfest!

  15. Hi Dani
    Humor galore, I loved it.

  16. Haha...I can picture myself doing this to my kids. Nice change from all the scary stories!

  17. That was different. Such sacrifice for the kids :)


  18. I loved this, so funny! I can really imagine it happening, too :)

  19. Aww, this is so cute and funny! Nice job!

  20. LOL! Too funny! This could be anyone in my family as we are a family of klutzes! :)

  21. Oh, trick-o'-treating shenanigans. Gotta love them. Great short!

  22. Nice twist on Spooktoberfest! I love that you added some fun amongst all the wonderfully creepy shorts. Thanks so much for hosting yet another great blogfest... it really helped me get into the Halloween spirit :-)


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