Friday, October 31, 2014

SPOOKTOBERFEST Winners, Runner-Ups, & the Lot

It's a bloody bummer this fest has come, once again, to an end. Seriously guys, the talent that came from all of you is remarkable and outstanding! I loved every entry for their own uniqueness and voice! To make a choice was like picking out my favorite kid... it was hard but it had to be done. ;)
My WINNER is...

"12 past 2" by DRC @ Writing Through Fiction

Some say putting children in the center of horror is bad juju, but I find it exuberating and real. In the real world children are not exempt from paranormal activity, in fact, they are more open to it, being so innocent and open-minded to the world. DRC, in my opinion, took a risk to some but did it in a tasteful way. Kudos and congrats DRC from WTF!!  #CeilingFansKill

 My RUNNER-UPS are...

First up...

"Under the Glass" by Sarah @ Sarah Marsh Writes

From the beginning I was hooked. Kids walking home from school in the dark is terrifying anyways, but then you go and add a spooky ass house... FREAKY! (Another reason this got to me... I HATE being outside in the dark)
And then the twist!! Can I just say... GENIOUS!
Never saw it coming. And the picture topped it off and set the mood for sure!
You rock Sarah! 

And then...

"Infection" by L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off the Edge

LG is no newbie to this fest and she has always delivered amazing pieces! "Carving", "Subscribe", and now "Infection". A faithful fester for sure and I know she will always have something great when it comes to her writing! FYI, I've always had a recurring dream about drowning so this is really not something I would like to have done to me.  #NeedlesArePricks

And don't forget...
Entry #4) “The Church” by Laura @ My Baffling Brain – I LOVED the dialogue between these devious kids. And the ending leaves you wanting more!  #FearlessKids
Entry #5) “A Warm Meal” by Sheena-kay Graham @ Queendsheena – We would all like to know what goes on inside of a zombies head; their thoughts and inner dialogue, since their moaning does nothing for us. This is the perfect portrayal of it.  #DeadHeadThoughts
Entry #6) dolorah @ Book Lover – This is a true taking on trickery. To think you know someone and them to turn out to be the enemy. Perfect!  #Frenemy
Entry #8) “The Newbie” by cleemckenzie @ The Write Game – Makes you wonder how, such a little thing could bring so much turmoil! “I think we should ask them to give it back.” Duh people, just ask.  #EasyPeasy
Entry #9) “Vanilla Virus” by J. Lenni Dorner – So where is that bloody vanilla pod? So creative and entertaining to say the least, I think I was holding my breath the entire time I was reading.  #NowWhereDidIPutThat
Entry #10) Tiffany @ For the Love of Books and Writing – I REALLY like how this pulled me in from the start and left me wanting to be there next to her. Of course I would have opened it for her cause I’m a curious soul.  #CuriosityKilledTheCat
Entry #12) “Revenge” by Felicity @ It’s a Book Nerd Thing – OK Felicity, can I just say how much I enjoyed this? I can? Good. Another zombie piece but this one is from a teenage badass who brings her own weapons to prom. So cool!  #SatisfactionKills
Entry #13) “Home by the Sea” by Debra @ The Write Mage – Ahhhhh! “Sit down. Listen to our stories.” Uhh, no thanks! Not with what I was imagining their true forms to look like. Chilling and eerie to say the least!  #ListenToTheShadow
Entry #14) “Masquerade Ball” by Patricia Lynne – Short, sweet, and to the damn point! I loved how in so few words and with using all the mandatory words, this perfect bone chilling tale was told flawlessly. There is a real talent, one I could not pull off, in telling such a story in less than 100 words!  #FlawlessAxWielder
Entry #15) “The Cure” by Claudia @ Avalon – Wow, makes you think twice about your neighbors. Another short piece that brought a big punch!  #LousyNeighbors
Entry #16) “I Am” by Lily @ lilicasplace – Ooooo, so haunting; to let go of you inner evil, to let it consume you.  Talk about inner turmoil of the darkest kind!  #ToBeOrNotToBeEvil

Go here to see who Jax picked!

And the winners... we will be in contact soon to get your info on where to send the ecards!
Also, the badges above are yours to copy and keep!

Thanks a bunch and can't wait to read your submissions next year!


  1. Congrats DRC! This fest was so much fun Dani and #DeadHeadThoughts is so the perfect hashtag for my flash fiction. Glad you liked getting an inside look into the mind of a zombie. Til next year and Happy Halloween.

  2. So glad to be a runner up! The entries were great this year! Congrats to the winners!

  3. Thanks so much for choosing me as one of your runners-up, Dani, and for your kind words about my story! I've had so much fun with Spooktoberfest, getting my fix of all things creepy ;) Happy Halloween!

  4. Congrats to the winners! They were all so fun to read.

  5. Ooh, we got hashtags. :D

  6. Congrats to all the winners! I personally love horror/paranormal stories centered around children because they're so innocent.

  7. Congratulations to the winners! LG's was really good.

  8. I really enjoyed this and look forward to it again next year.


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