Monday, July 1, 2013

Express Yourself - My Week, Whats Yours

Express Yourself is a weekly Meme hosted by my friend Jackie and myself. We do this every week to learn more about our fellow bloggers and so far we have met some very talented and wonderful people!

This weeks Q: What are your plans for the 4th if you celebrate, if not, what do you have planned this week then?

Our July 4th plans entail:
  • A Tincaps (Class A minor league - affliated with the San Diego Padres [for you baseball fans]) baseball game Thursday, July 4th and then hanging out at the field for the city's fireworks display.
  • Friday, July 5th we are heading to my parents lake cottage to party with family, let off fireworks, eat some good grub and soak up some rays.
  • On Saturday, July 6th we are heading to the in-laws lake cottage. Every year they host this huge party consisting of a band, bounce house, water pool (other than the lake) cornhole, food and all the party essentials.
Main objectives: Eat, drink, and be merry! - Oh and tan!

What are you doing this week?


  1. What a fun weekend you have planned!

  2. Okay, I've got to ask, what is cornhole? Maybe I should go google it.
    We'll be going to my parents lake cabin, will light off fireworks with the kids' cousins and swim and that's about it. I hope it's warm.

    1. Cornhole is a bean bag type game. 4 players (teams of 2) play against each other trying to throw bean bags into 2 boards set up so many feet apart. Googling it will be best. This is the worst discription EVER! haha

  3. I'm working this week. Your plans sound so much better. Enjoy it!!

  4. Sounds like fun! We usually set off some small fireworks with our kids, let them play with sparklers, that sort of thing. :)

  5. Have fun Dani! Happy 4th of July this Thursday.

  6. Oooh, two lake cottages in the family. Sounds like a lovely weekend :)

  7. I think our church is getting together for a BBQ. And I plan on seeing two movies.

  8. I wish we could come to the lake. :(
    Have a fun and relaxing time!!!

  9. Cornhole is awesome!!

    I'm way jealous of your plans! I'm working late every day this week, so my plans for the 4th will probably include getting some sleep :P

  10. Wow, sounds like you're going to be busy for the July 4th holiday--hope you have fun!

  11. Sounds like a fun week. Happy 4th July!


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