Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A to Z Quizzes - W

This year for the challenge I wanted to do something different and fun and yet, something that everyone does from time to time... Quizzes.

What kind of quizzes you ask? Facebook Quizzes of course. We have done at least one so I went on a quiz rampage and took several.

Here are my W's:


  1. Oh Widdershins! Nice list today Dani. And I believe The Governor would deserve to be torn a part by a zombie herd but not you dear.

  2. Those quizzes just make me laugh. Who's going to be your soul mate, and when I'm going to die and oh yes I like the one that says how old I am. They say 25... oh, by the way I was born in 1950... I don't think I look 25. hahahahaha Have a good night.


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