Thursday, October 1, 2015

Because I Want My Daughter To See What I See

Hey Blogging Friends! Express Yourself is a weekly meme. It's goal is to help our fellow bloggers get to know one another better, to help motivate one another, laugh (or cry) together, in other words – stalk.

Sept. 14-18: What book/movie are you planning to read/watch next?

I have two books on my TBR next list:

Railsea by China MiƩville
Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

Sept. 21-25: If you could switch bodies with someone for 24 hours (like Freaky Friday) who would you switch with and why?

Just like in Freaky Friday, I'd want to switch with my daughter for a day, just to see if High School is really as drama-filled as she says.

And though my daughter dresses cute and sensible, I would wear an this boho chic outfit that I think looks amazing on her tall, thin frame. However, she has never worn it cause she says it looks horrible on her. Maybe it will open her eyes if she could see what I see when I look at her - pure beauty.

The daily struggles of being a parent.

Sept. 28-Oct. 2: What's your favorite kind of cookie and/or cake?

Fave cookie: Lemon
Fave cake: Chocolate cake from Granite City.

And don't forget to sign up for Spooktoberfest!! HERE!

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