Friday, August 23, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

Ahhh, it's Friday! I can't believe it's here already! Woot!  VikLit always puts on a great Friday celebration! 
This week... 

  • The kids' paternal Grandfather had a quadruple bypass on Tuesday and hasn't been able to get out of ICU, so we have been sending extra prayers his way. I know that's not very happy news but I thought if my blogging friends could send some prayers his way, he might make a faster recovery!
  • I had a dentist appt this week and I'm happy to announce that I'm cavity free!
  • Kids seem to be having a good first week of school. My 15 yr old is taking Photography and Ceramics this year; I don't remember either being so dang expensive when I took them 18 yrs ago not that long ago. He not only needs a film camera (they are taking it old school) but a digital one as well. Thank goodness I know someone who knows someone.
  • Color Me Rad race is tomorrow! I. Am. So. Excited!


  1. Hey Dani! I just went school shopping with my girls to get supplies and almost dropped dead. It was $300- and we didn't even finish yet. The school lists are so explicit from their teachers too- no thick tip highlighters, only thin, only 2 inch 3 ring binders, nothing less, ugh! Times that by three and it just about drove me bonkers!! I wanted to scream by the time we were done. Have a great weekend!!

  2. Yay for no cavities! I always need fillings when I go, one of the reasons why I hate going.

  3. Woohoo for no cavities!

    My prayers will definitely be sent his way. Big hugs to the family, hope he gets out of the ICU soon.

  4. Did I tell you that I tagged you for The Next Big Thing? Anyway prayers are on the way, congrats on no cavities and good luck with the race Dani.

  5. Yay for being cavity-free. Boo for expensive school classes. I hope your father-in-law gets better soon and that you have an awesome time in the race! Have a great weekend. :-)

  6. LOL - loved the 18 years ago. It was a lot longer for me :)

    Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes
    (visiting from Celebrate bloghop)

  7. Life is full, isn't? Triple-bypasses, new school year, dentist--but cavity free!

  8. Can you imagine how much school has changed from 25 yea... I mean from just the other day? Yes, I've been cavity free for a while too for years - should I trust this dentist? Maybe all my cavity space has been used up from my younger years. :)

    My prayers do go out for your kid's granddad!

    (requesting FB likes) Nancy’s Facebook page

  9. Praying for him right now! Hope you had a great weekend.

  10. He is in my thoughts.

    Hurrah to cavity free.

  11. Dang, a film AND a digital camera??? Is the school not able to provide these to students taking the class?

    Sending the mojo for your kids' paternal Grandad!
    Blog: Some Dark Romantic


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