Saturday, April 20, 2013

R - Rotten Convention, Revive


Check out what book cover this little cut out comes from over at Cover Girls!

"If I Had a Heart" by Fever Ray
Vikings TV Show theme song. Love it!!

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  1. I think I would touch the Revive and see what happens.
    It's the Rotten Convention I would not like to attend. :)

  2. Loving these Silverstein poems. Brings back so many memories for me! And that cover is awesome.

  3. Rotten Convention is a great poem. That cover makes me want to look but never touch.

  4. Yah, I wasn't at that convention because I've been avoiding Sudden Death. I thought I told Poopin' Pete to pass the message along... guess he was busy... you know how Pete can be! hahaha

    Great poem!

    I'd touch the cover... it's the real life stuff I'm not touching, but a book cover, yah, that's fine!! :)

    You rocked this "R" post, Dani! I'm enjoying your poem selections.

  5. I love Silverstien and I am so adding this song to my writing playlist.

  6. Oh that's a good one! Somehow I've missed that poem :D

    Not really sure how you can half invisible though...

  7. Haven't read that one bfore. I like it. Good for halloween!

  8. I like that one...."where were you?"

    Great stuff :)

  9. I am amazed you were able to find a Silverstien poem for each letter of the alphabet. I love this one. but then again, I've loved them all.

  10. Shel Silverstein was the man!

  11. I love Shel Silverstein (but I think I already mentioned that ;) ) I wanted to give you fair warning, that I've linked to your site on today's post: S for Shelly Silverstein, what else? (Hope you don't mind.)

  12. What a chilling clip! I might have to start watching that show. :)

  13. I'm so delinquent. Thanks for the shout out!! You're awesome.

    I will say that for the Revive cover it took me a long time to find the title. Cool concept but poor typography.


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