Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A to Z Challenge - Total Roadie

We are only half way through January and A to Z chatter is all over my news feed!
So what is the only logical thing to do? HELP SPREAD THE WORD!
You post every day in April except Sundays. On April 1, blog about something that begins with the letter A, April 2 is B, April 3 is C ... you get the picture. Right?!
April 7 is not G --> April 8 is G. Remember we have Sundays off. Don't forget!
You can use a theme or just be random. I already have my theme in an Excel Spreadsheet, listing my letters from A to Z and the topic for each day. Starting next week I will take a few letters and write my post. After my posts are written, the scheduling begins. I’m a total plotter!
I missed the first year (2010) and heard there were only 100 or so participants. Last year, over 1700 participated! This year’s sign up will be on January 30th  and I’m so excited!! Can you tell? I’m wondering and anticipating how many are signing up this year. Will A to Z break the 2000 mark? WOW that would be AMAZING!

This year’s team has all the familiar faces, er, bloggers, uh, you get the idea – and a few new ones too!
Arlee Bird                     Tossing It Out                  @ArleeBird
Damyanti Biswas           Amlokiblogs                     @damyantig
Alex J. Cavanaugh        Alex J. Cavanaugh           @alexjcavanaugh 
Tina Downey                 Life is Good                     @TinaLifeisGood
DL Hammons                 ruising Altitude 2.0         @DL_H
Jeremy Hawkins            Retro-Zombie                   @iZombieJMH
Shannon Lawrence        The Warrior Muse            @thewarriormuse
Matthew MacNish          The QQQE                        @MatthewMacNish
Konstanz Silverbow       No Thought 2 Small         @KonstanzS
Stephen Tremp             Breakthrough Blogs          @StephenTremp
Livia Peterson               Leave it to Livia               @LiviaGPeterson
L. Diane Wolfe              Spunk on a Stick               @SpunkOnAStick 
Nicole  Ayers                 The Madlab Post               @madlabpost

So if you have never participated in A to Z but tossed the idea around, I strongly encourage you to sign up this year. I know 26 days of straight blogging (except Sundays) seems like a lot of work, it really is a ton of fun!
Last year I did 5 themed topics each day except a few because of Blogger system failures, which was way too much work, so this year it’s only one topic. If it still seems like too much work… just post a "picture of the day" and the letter and/or word stating what the picture stands for. Super simple! Or just blast a word that begins with the letter of the day.
You don’t think you’ll have time to blog cause you’re WAY TOO BUSY… schedule your posts!
I’m really not leaving you any excuses except one… you just don’t want to. And you know what, that’s ok too. I still love you.
Now I gotta go, I already downloaded the A to Z badge, now I need to follow the newbie team members on blogger and twitter. YOU SHOULD TOO!
Gosh I love this time of year!


  1. I LOVE your enthusiasm...and this post! You really do cover all the reasons why somebody should take part...and offer ways to get around obstacles keeping people on the fence. Anyone who is serious about expanding their follower-base needs to do A to Z!

    Thank you for this! :)

  2. I'm gonna do it for the first time. I actually got the idea back in November and started writing posts then. Cause it involves movies. But now I haven't done any for a while. I gotta go out and get those movies.

  3. Awesome.... I am thrilled you are thrilled!

  4. I am going to jump on board this year, although it is with some serious trepidation. It's a commitment I am worried about, but will do my best to accomplish.

  5. Thank you for your enthusiasm -- sharing it now via twitter!

  6. I think I follow all of them already. :-D

  7. You might have sold me... and I am THE most sporadic blogger ever. :-)

  8. A-Z is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun! I am looking forward to it. Thanks Danni sharing your thoughts on the Challenge!

  9. Whoo-hoo, yay! I'm thinking of doing a 'Camp Nanowrimo' theme for A-Z challenge this year, and spreading the Camp writing love for anybody who hasn't heard about this program, or anybody who doesn't know that there's going to be camp in April this year. :)

  10. Love your enthusiasm, I'm really looking forward to it too! I'm already a follower here from last years challenge. I hope to get posts scheduled ahead this year so I have more time for visiting. Thanks for stopping by today :)

  11. So glad people are getting excited over the challenge! And only a few more days before sign-ups open!


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