Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blogger Idol and 9/11

Blogger Idol: Auditions are OPEN!: You've been eyeing the prizes , kissing up to the judges , and now... It's GO TIME! Auditions are open for Blogger Idol 2012! It's GO TIME! Auditions are open for Blogger Idol 2012!

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Auditions will close at 11:59 PM CST on Monday, September 17, 2012, and the Top 12 will be announced on September 20, 2012. You can find the full schedule

Are you going to audition? If you aren't going to audition, who are you rooting for? If you know a blogger that deserves the title of Blogger Idol, send them over here!


 Eleven years ago today defined a day in our country and a moment in my heart.

I was sleeping when the first plane blew through the first Trade Tower. My brother came sprinting into my room and about ripped my arm from its socket just to get me up. That May he had enlisted in the Army - go figure. At first I thought I was watching a movie until he started explaining to me what was going on.

Today I will be thinking about those who lost their lives on Sept. 11th and the many days that followed. And I continue to pray for our military and those who have past. And no matter what, I send pieces of my heart to those who are still hurting.

On days like today, a little perspective gets slammed in your way.


  1. Erm yeah ... Blogger Idol looks like a LOT of work! As much as I hate to pass up an opportunity - I'm gonna have to skip that one!

    It doesn't matter how many years have passed, this date always makes me stop and reflect. :(

  2. I've never heard of this contest and I've been in blog land for nearly three years! How does this happen? Looks awesome! I can't wait to watch!!!!!!

    9/11 is still fresh in all our minds. A day no one will forget.

  3. I never heard about this contest before either like Jen. Yes 9/11 changed a lot of things worldwide.

  4. I remember where I was when the first plane hit. Some things are just seared in your brain :(

  5. I remember being stunned watching the twin towers tumble and then when the pentagon got hit, I thought "Holy shit, what's going down next?" All those people on the planes in the buildings and surrounding areas. What a sad day.

  6. Hey,

    Not sure if your brother is still in the Army, but even if he's moved on, will you tell him a grateful former Irishman in Hawaii owes him a drink to say thanks for his service :)


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