Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zombie Zoo

You have to know my kids.
Yesterday I had to take a ½ day off of work so I could be home with the kids while the hubby could go to his Remicade treatment (he has Crohn’s). And since school doesn’t start until the 20th, I decided not to waste away the day.
Zoo here we come!
Now if you haven’t already figured me out… I have a very dark and twisted mind. Not the crazy, loony-bin, Hannibal kind of mind but one that wonders about future dystopian circumstances.
And my poor kinds – they are starting to become like me.
While walking through the African Veldt my 14 yr old son says: “What would you do if zombies came fumbling out of those weeds?”
Me: “I would probably head for those rocks over there or bookit to the van.”
My 12 yr old daughter says: “Is that before or after I pee my pants.”
We giggle a bit and I say “preferably during.”
12: “Why during?”
Me: “Sorry but I ain’t waiting for you to pee your pants to run from zombies.”
12: “So you wouldn’t wait for me?”
Me: “Not if you’re taking the time to pee your britches first. We’re talking about zombies here.”
12 yr old says to 14 yr old: “Are these runners or walkers [zombies]?”
14: “Does it really matter?”
12: “Yes, because if they’re runners then expect me to bypass peeing my pants and straight on to crapping them.”
We bust a gut laughing and then hear “A zebra!” from my 2 yr old and we realize that we are back at the zoo.
The only problem is… how to get from those rocks to a better place to hide out. Hmmm….
And just to prove how much we try live in fiction… a picture of my kids acting like zombies in the tunnel. 2 yr old is pretty good at pretending...


  1. This is awesome! Zoo and zombies and the kids don't miss a beat! Haha.

  2. Imagination is so hard to come by in kids these days. Keep upthe good work.

  3. That's a really good pic. It would make a great book cover!

    A little twisted imagination is a good thing - your kids are on the right track. :)


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