Wednesday, October 3, 2012

IWSG - So is This Like AA

Not that I have ever been to an AA meeting. I've never even been to a Confessional.

You're all thinking "Uh-huh"

No seriously!

So I'm suppose to pour out my insecurities about writing and then you guys are supposed to support them - er - help me through them? Is that how this works?

Well that's what Jackie said anyways.

So let me give it a shot...

Hmmm... my insecurities... I think a good place to start (since this is my first meeting) is with a list. Something small and simple. Plus I REALLY have a thing for lists. And I know most of this applies to most writers.

1. I think my writing sucks. Period. Very elementary.
2. I think everyone will hate my writing.
3. None of my ideas are original.
4. Someone always seems to be "stealing" my ideas. lol - there are 8 billion people in this world. I know I'm not the only one with my random thoughts. They are just quicker with their draw.
5. I suck cause I'm so slow. I have been working on the same WIP for almost 2 years!
6. I've been working on said WIP because I've started 5 other WIP's. <-- Dumb!
7. I think I'm a bad author because I like to read more than write.
8. I think I'm a bad author because I like my family more than writing.
9. Why do other writers get books done when they have families and I can't. Do I not have the drive to be a author.
Why didn't I end those last two sentences with question marks? This could be a problem.
10. I should just quit because all of the reasons I've listed above.

I'm going to go read said sucky WIP with the none original ideas that someone else already has while I also read another book by an author that found the time to finish theirs while they had a family.

Hey it's a Wednesday in my favorite month and I just joined a new support group! It can't be that bad - right!?

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  1. Hey, congraulations! You just listed every single insecurity every writer has which means ... you are indeed a writer!

    Lol, seriously though, there is no shortcut to dealing with it all. Just patience, and relying on other writers to pull you through the rough days! <3

  2. Whoot!

    Dani's in our club (does white man shuffle)

    Well, I absolutely laughed out loud when I saw your title :)

    LOVE, love *LOVE*d it :)

    Oh, dear.

    Welcome home, Dani.

    Welcome home :)

  3. Oh, you missed one (it's a twist of #5): for every book I write, my friends write three. :(


  4. I can agree with a lot of your statements too. The one that made me laugh was the question mark one. I sooo have a problem with leaving off question marks. Why? It's not like I don't know it's a question. But I tend to leave them off so often. And it bugs me.

    Now since you're not in AA, why don't you go make yourself a stiff drink to get you through the day... or maybe not. Then you might end up in AA. How about a double mocha latte expresso. (Btw: I'm not a coffee drinker, so forgive me if that's not a real drink.)

  5. Welcome to IWSG!

    Every single writer in the world has a list just like yours. Actually, let me change that; all the GOOD writers do. Because that list of insecurities shows that you care. And the list is the same whether you're writing your first book, your 200th book or collecting your Man Booker Prize.

    The only true failure is giving up. (and 2 years is nothing!)

  6. Woohoo!!! Happy you joined. :)

    I like lists, too... which is why I've used two of them in our meme this month. They give me comfort. Lol

  7. Hi, Dani! Welcome to the IWSG, I'm so glad to meet you and to have found your blog. I was basically nodding my head along with your list, I've said/thought all of your points more times than I can count.

  8. Welcome aboard, Dani!

    Rest assured, you're absolutely right--we all think those things. It's practically unavoidable for any writer with even the smallest degree of aspiration in this crazy "business." The only way you can deal with those kinds of insecurities (that I've found) is putting your back to the wind and putting one foot in front of the other. It's okay to feel the weight of the insecurites on your back, as long as you don't let it drag you down or slow your roll. The longer you work at this thing, the more your confidence will grow, especially when you start to see positive returns of some kind from all that hard work, even it's just great feedback.

    Good luck and keep at it!

    J.W. Alden

  9. Hi Dani and welcome to the IWSG... we do all think those things, yes. But let me add that if I told you how long I've been working on my WIP, you wouldn't feel bad about your two years anymore. Not by a long shot.

    Happy writing!

  10. Hahaha. Welcome to IWSG! I think we all have our list. Mine is so long it's best viewed in scroll form. One quick (although absurdly hard) fix is this: Don't ever compare yourself to other writers. Easy, right? (rolls eyes). But seriously, we are not the same person. Maybe I finish three books in the time it takes you to finish one, but I've neglected my family, work, and bathing to do it. Or maybe yours is better quality. Who knows. Oh- wait that should have had a question mark...

    Best of luck!

  11. I can identify with nearly everything you've mentioned. I don't always list them like you've, but I certainly feel it. Welcome to IWSG! :)

  12. Well if it makes you feel better, no idea is original--but you can be original in the way you tell it. And don't worry about the time it takes you on the novel--I've been working on mine for more than 2 years. Different authors take different amounts of time. For some it will be 5 months, for some 5 years! Welcome to the IWSG :)

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  13. Hey Dani, nice to meet you.

    Like your list. You're in good company because most of think we suck, most of the time and some of us are published and still think we suck, most of the time.

    Just go with it, keep writing, keep laughing and finish up one of those WIP's. You CAN do it!

  14. If it makes you feel better, I've been working on my handwritten magnum opus for 18 years now, and I'm still not done yet. (It covers 1941-2050, and I'm up to 1998.) And I took a bit over 8.5 years to write my first Russian novel (albeit over 3 major periods, not over a complete 8.5 years), and spent about a year editing, revising, rewriting, and polishing it when I finally got the files off of MacWriteII and ClarisWorks last year.

  15. Yep, I can relate to most of your insecurities.

  16. Welcome to ISWG, Dani! Don't worry about the five other novels, it just means when you "get into the swing" of writing your novels, you'll be a machine! Danielle Steele often works on several projects at a time, and even if people say her stuff is "trash", I wouldn't sniff at 580 million book sales ha.

    If it helps, you could try my wee writing schedule, to help slot in your writing between family time. As a fellow List Lover, I think my spreadsheet might appeal to you :)

  17. Lol - sorry to laugh but your list is my list too (although I didn't have the balls to write it) :P I imagine its been every writers list at some point. Practice and a deadline helps... I have been lingering on my present WIP for years too - I imposed a deadline to publish this autumn and I'm really up against it... we'll see :) Its the most terrifying but potentially satisfying thing I'll ever do. Best of luck for the month ahead. X

  18. There are people who say nothing is ever really original - it's all been written before - the difference is how you write it. There's certainly nothing wrong with liking reading and your family more than writing. (I'll tell you a secret: I don't like writing either. It's too hard and rather thankless.) But you are a writer even if it's hard and thankless. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. (That's what I tell my so-slow, tortoisy self. lol) Good luck with that WIP! :-)

  19. Dani! You are TOO COOL. I love this. Love your honesty! Phew. But the thing is, you ARE DOING IT. That's what it comes down to. Soooooo glad to have you here!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  20. Trying to get a WIP done while taking care of 4 kids and a crazy hubby - I think 2 years is great. It took me 3 for my first one and I'm always feeling guilty either for being a bad writer or for being a bad mother. But onward bound! Glad I discovered this blog!

  21. Are you sure you didn't just read my mind? :)

    Being a writer is hard work, but at the end of the day, it's who I am. And it's who you are. The insecurities you have are normal, and it's what will make you a great writer because they keep you humble.

  22. Yep, can tick most of these boxes too! We are an insecure bunch aren't we?

  23. Welcome to the IWSG honey! :)

    I did have to laugh at your list honey, i know i shouldnt, but, lets face it, if you dont laugh about it you'll cry ;)

    I could relate to every single one of your points, and youre right, i think most writers could!

    Good luck honey, youre definitely not alone!


  24. Heyyyy, that's my list. Good to meet you Dani

  25. Never fear, Dani. You have the essential "Wannabee Writer's Humour", an essential component of the insecure writer, published or not. Because sadly, published authors are insecure too. And many drink. And many suck at writing. Or so they think. Hang in there, or even better, hang out. We'll combat this insecure thingy together.

    Happy IWSG. I'm #192. I feel like a fellow convict.

  26. Just keep going babe. Who cares how long it takes you? Or what the first draft looks like? As long as you enjoy and feel compelled to do so, DO IT. Don't let any preconceived notions of the habits of a 'good writer' get in your way. You've got this!

  27. Hi sweetie! I guess we can all pull up a chair around the campfire and hug each other while we pass the chocolate around. You do like chocolate, don't ya? If not, let me know what you DO like and I'll send it over.
    Thank goodness tomorrow is almost here...

  28. Started laughing at the question mark issue!
    Welcome to the IWSG. You are in the right place. We've all been there. Some of us continue to dwell. But don't worry and dwell, because that sucks the joy out of writing.
    And I'm pretty sure you don't suck!

  29. Hopping over from IWSG! I should've just copied and pasted your list of insecurities for my post. LOL I hate when awesome ideas keep popping in my head and I end up with a handful of partly written WIPs but none complete.

  30. I feel so much of what you said! I find it hard to find enough to write with everything my family requires, yet others do it with families. I HATE when someone is faster on the draw than I am, and writes what I wanted to write! ACK!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  31. IWSG is awesome. Glad to see you here. The truth is, we're all our own worst critics. Your WIP is probably awesome. And even if someone else has a similar idea, that doesn't mean you shouldn't complete yours. I mean, Harry Potter isn't the only book about witches, right?

    I'm with you on the reading more than writing thing. Seriously, that's probably the reason I don't have several more books finished. Ugh.

  32. I hear your pain. I think I suffer from the same insecurities you listed in your post. To make matters even worse, I see everyone else writing so much faster than I do. Argggh!
    Welcome to the IWSG!

  33. We both are here for the first week! We share the same insecurities - especially the family thing. I don't know where other people find the time! I have so much to do just with that stuff that I feel guilty when I do work on my writing.

    I'm also slow, because I'm afraid to do it wrong. I'm not one of those folks who can just churn out 50k in a WriMo month. Last one I did I got to 17%. I tend to edit as I go...bad girl.

    Thanks SO much for your encouraging comments at my place this week. You really cheered me up! I'm your new follower too - thanks for the follow.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  34. Dani, I think even the most seasoned writer feels these things. If I can offer one piece of advice from my 14 year old daughter, don't give up. Whenever I'm feeling down about my writing, I confess my insecurities to her. She doesn't feel sorry for me, she just says, "Mom, don't give up. Because if you do, you'll only have yourself to blame." Here's what she tells me when I'm ripping my writing to shreds, "Shame on you."

    I'm with ya, woman! Keep going, and always be true to you.

  35. I think most of us can relate to several of those posts! For sure! Cheer up, you'll do great!

  36. I think we all feel everyone of those things on your list. Keep going and some days youre going to think they're not all true. At least now all at the same time. LOL


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