Monday, October 8, 2012

Express Yourself - Movies/Books

Welcome back to Express Yourself week of Oct 8-12! We had an awesome turn out for our kickoff week last week! Jackie and I would like to thank you for making it so wonderful!

Now on with this weeks...

* List 5 movies/books that causes the hair to stand on the back of your neck. *
Don’t judge!
This is why you need chains
1. The Forth Kind – Why is this particular film at the top of my list? ALIENS! Like real freaky deaky aliens. Scenes are spliced with fake and “real” images of hovering bodies and crap. I DO NOT get scared easily - the “Protector of the house” and I slept with the lights. THE LIGHTS ON people! If you see white owls in your dreams – you better be chaining yourselves to your beds, they are coming for you!
Oh h*ll NO! Look behind you!

2. Wrong Turn – A bunch of wannabe campers go to the remote backwoods in God knows where when their Range Rover is damaged by barbed wire. Dumba**es! You’re in the middle of know where and there isn’t a fence within miles of you, don’t just write it off… ugh! Some medical student crashes into the Rover and now 6 people are stranded. 0_0 While trying to get help, one by one they are picked off by mutated cannibals because, you know, that makes sense. But I have to admit – this movie scares the bejezus out of me. The BEJEZUS I say!
You thought I was making it up

3. The Hills Have Eyes (Remake) – Another case of the mutated cannibals x_X. This one isn’t as scary as it is gross. It has to be vision violation or something. Buckets and buckets of guts and fake blood, and sausage ropes doused in blood as fake intestines. *covering mouth* I need a barf bag – excuse me…
He's ready for his close up!

4. Jeepers Creepers – This guy – this Creeper guy, with the creepy molester truck… FO-REAKS-ME-OUT!!! His creepy as h-e-double-hockey-sticks yellow eyes and his white Chiclets teeth. *shivers* Does this dude talk. Oh and then, in the second movie, when he loses his limbs and he’s hurling his motha-lovin-self through the air so he can still kill one of those kids - oh I might fall over dead thinking about it. I gotta move on.
Tell me those mask fo-freak you out!

5. Fortress – In 1986 (I was 8) I watched this Australian movie about a teacher and her nine students. They were set upon by four men in masks; Saint Nick, a Duck, a Wolf (or was it a Cat), and Mouse. Kept in an underground bus, in some freaky a$$ dark woods, and cave; forced to find their way out before finding out what to come of them. I was 8 when I first saw this film and being 8, this movie gave me nightmares for weeks. Even to this day I hate masks. I love Halloween and dressing up but I hate plastic masks like that. Creeps me out. This movie is a MUST WATCH!

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  1. Wow! We list three of the same movies! LOL. I was banking on two for sure, but not three! :)

  2. LOL, I haven't seen any of those because the previews alone scare the crap out of me!

  3. I'm SO old school that I have never seen ANY of these movies. You're probably thinking I'm really old, but I'm not...although, I wasn't 8 in 1986...I was 13. Still, I don't really watch scary movies so much. You'll have to check out my list and see what I DO watch/read. Haha.

    I'm #4 on your linky...Random Musings and Other Literary Tid-Bits. =)

  4. The picture for The Hills Have Eyes is creepy! It's even creepier because that guy looks a little too much like my so-called fiancé's dad.

  5. Yeah, I don't watch scary movies. My dreams are freaky enough--but seriously, my poor hubby wouldn't be able to survive the fingernail marks. Supernatural is about as scary as I can handle.

  6. Great picks. The only one I haven't seen is the Fourth Kind. The Hills and Wrong Turn are so ridiculously gory, it's laughable sometimes. But I agree, they are hair-raising.

    It's totally funny, I just saw Fortress less than a month ago. I like horror movies, but I'd never heard of this one. Loved the ending with the human organs in the jar. Tough kids!

  7. Now I have seen Jeepers Creepers and it is a good jumpy, scary movie. To be honest, I had forgotten it, but just seeing the pic brought it all back in a rush!



  8. The Hills Have Eyes made me SOOO angry. They did a great job of getting an emotion out of me, but it was just so f#$%ked up I've never watched it again. The Fourth Kind scared the be-Jesus out of me. I'm scared...all the time because of that movie.

    Awesome list!

  9. *covers eyes* Haven't seen any of them. You're braver than I ;)

  10. Lots of titles here that are new to me! I will have to try and chase them up!

  11. Lots of titles that I have never come across. I will have to chase them up!

  12. I haven't seen any of these but I really want to check out The Fourth Kind cause I've heard good things about it.

  13. The Hills Have Eyes remake was as gruesome as the original; and yes, both scared me.


  14. Hey, look. I did read this last October. I still haven't seen The Fourth Kind, but I've added it to my list. My husband picks up movies sometimes and will text and ask for suggestions. Usually I'm like, um... whatever. And then when he gets home I think, oh, I should've told him this one or that one.

    Maybe I'll put the list on my fridge so I don't forget. Still haven't seen the Collector ones yet.


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