Monday, October 15, 2012

Express Yourself & Nineties Blogfest

Welcome back to Express Yourself week of Oct 15 - 19! Loved the creepy movies and books everyone posted last week! For this weeks post, Jackie and I would like to know - What language would you like to speak and why?

Ich möchte lernen, wie Sie Deutsch einigen Tag sprechen. Ich kenne ein kleines aber nicht genug, mich sehr weit zu erhalten.

I totally translated that on people...

It says: "I would like to learn how to speak German some day.  I only know enough to get me by." 

In high school I took German but of course it never stuck. I would love to re-learn it. It's part of my heritage and I just love the way it sounds. I know a few phrases and how to count but that's about it.

How about you? Sign up for Express Yourself Meme below!

Now on to the Nineties Blogfest; over at Dave Wrote This, he is havin' a blogfest today celebrating the nineties. All you have to do is post one thing you loved about each year.

As so...

The 90’s
1990 – In Living Color pilot was April 15th. Fire Marshal Bill by Jim Carrey was the best.
1991 – Cape Fear grossed $182,291,969 and caused me to sleep with the lights on for a week.
1992 – Nirvana, need I say more.
1993 – Jurassic Park grossed $914,691,118 while making me scream when that Raptor jumped on the table in the kitchen.
1994 – Party of Five debuted September 12th and I fell in love w/ Matthew Fox
1995 – Nov. 2nd, “The Soup Nazi” episode from Seinfeld has had me saying “No soup for you” for the past 17 years. Sad I know.
1996 – Year I grad. Graduation song was “Tonight, Tonight” by The Smashing Pumpkins - fav band EVER
1997 – White Zombies disbands while Black Sabbath reforms. The ying and yang of colors. Hmmm
1998 – My son was born this year – anyways – Charmed debuted October 7th
1999 – 10 Things I hate About You starring Heath Ledger drew me to the theaters that final Nineties year.

If you want to do the Nineties Blogfest, go to Dave Wrote This page and sign up there. The linky above is NOT for the Nineties Blogfest. ONLY for the Express Yourself Meme. Thank you!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Ooh 10 Things I Hate About You, I love that film, it's one of my favourites.
    I learnt German in school, but I've lost it all now, I only remember odd words that wouldn't do me any good if I went there!

  2. I am in at #2. Thanks! The 90's were pretty cool for me so yeah, count me in. Cheers. See you there.

  3. Holy crap, was Jurassic Park really that long ago?! I also jumped at that same scene in the movie, and even now, I still jump at it lol!

  4. Je parle un peu de Francais. Okay, I hope I did that right because it's been years since I spoke French. Took it in high school and college. I wish I could speak Spanish because it would be the most practical language to know. (For me).

    Loved the nineties. Those were the end of high school and college years. And I got married. Lots of changes those years.

  5. I've tried to learn a bunch of languages (including Finnish, because half my family is from Finland). Unfortunately, I inherited the 'idiot with languages' gene, which prevents me from being decent at any language. :(

  6. I recommend Rosetta Stone on the language front. I used someone's copy of the French Level 1 before going to Paris and it worked wonders.

    I had "10 Things..." on my list today, but then I went with guilty pleasure movies and moved it to a list I have going up tomorrow.

  7. what a strange decade that was :) I think I preferred the 80's both in film and music, but we did have lots of lovely sitcoms in the 90's, unlike today when they're not so warm and original :(

  8. Funny how many of these have the Soup Nazi episode! Well, two. So far. Nevermind. It's not funny after all.

  9. YAY for Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana! Sounds like we have similar music taste. And I had a son in 1998, too.

  10. 1999 Smashing Pumkins Tonight Tonight is one of my favorite songs. And Soup Nazi, is funny.

  11. Thanks for taking part.

    Suddenly I really want to watch Jurassic Park...

    Dave Wrote This

  12. wow, party of five. I remember that. Neve Campbell, right.

    Hope you sign up for the Scare Me! Blogfest.

  13. In Living Color - how could I forget that show. Lurved it!

  14. German is one of my favorite languages, and I can read a decent amount of it. This spring I was also responsible for counting the Omer in German at my student religious center. There's a commandment to count the 49 days of the Omer leading up to the holiday of Shavuot, and my rabbi has a custom that after we do it in Hebrew, we go around the room taking turns reading it in other languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Farsi, Armenian, Chinese, whatever languages people know). So I'd get up and say in German: "Today is X days. That is Y weeks and Z days of the Omer." In spite of being entirely self-taught in German, I actually have a better German accent than Spanish, after 7 years of Spanish.

  15. Jurassic Park!!! One of my favorite childhood movies!

  16. I'm glad someone finally mentioned Nirvana! And I loved Ten Things I Hate About You

  17. Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen...
    Love that Soup Nazi episode! And Tonight, Tonight.

  18. Like you, I took a language in high school... Spanish. I know some basics, but that's about it. After four years of it, I feel like I should be able to speak it fluently, but I can't. :(

  19. My sister's obsessed enough with Charmed that she's worked her obsession over to me.

  20. I say, "No soup for you," to my high school students. They don't get it. Their loss.

  21. German became a bigger part of my life than I ever wanted it to be :) I loved that sentence!

  22. I am lovin' all of the comment love!

    Ich liebe Sie alle. Sie sind alle so groß und ich würde dies ohne Sie nicht so. - I love you all. You are all so great and I wouldn't so this without you.

    I hope I have gotten to all of your pages and commented back. If not, I will. Promise!

  23. A local poet wrote a poem expressing how he felt German was the true language of love. lol

  24. I took two years of German in high school, I was sort of able to read what you wrote :) Also, I loved 10 Things I Hate About You, and your 90s list was awesome :)

  25. Jurassic Park is still amazing.
    At least Rob Zombie continued solo.

  26. Holy, German! That's AWESOME, Dani.

    And the 90's blogfest is a crack up... Oh my gosh... where has time gone???

  27. I graduated the same year! It seems so long ago. Party of Five was so melodramatic! (I watched it anyway). Jurassic Park is still a cool movie, I watched it earlier this year when it was on cable. Actually, we had to leave before it finished and I wanted to finish watching!

  28. 10 Things was one of my all-time favorite movies. I loved everything about that flick. And WOO-HOO another Smashing Pumpkins fan!!! Yeah!!! If I could only listen to one album for the rest of my life it would be Mellon Collie.

    Great list, and good luck with learning German!

  29. Found ya through the 90's hop!

    10 Things? yes
    Nirvana? yes, double shot
    Smashing Pumpkins? yes
    Matthew Fox? so yes I started watching LOST because of him.

    New follower because your 90s make me want to wear flannel


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